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Who is a wife swapper, Mullah or the Pig?
Date: Sunday, 6 December 2009, 12:27 am

And you shall not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge. You must verify it for yourself (using your faculties of perception and conception). In the Court of your Lord, you will be held accountable for your hearing, sight, and the faculty of reasoning. 17:36 [32:9, 45:23, 46:26]

For centuries our so-called Imams and Mullahs have been telling us swine (pig) is haram (forbidden) because of the following reasons.

1. It is an unclean animal.
2. It is homosexual animal.
3. It is shameless animal, as it invites other male pigs to have sex with its spouse.

We readily accept the above statements to be true and never bother to check and verify them. This must change. From now on please ask your Mullahs some questions.

When and where did you carry out your research on pigs?
How many pigs did you use in your research study?
How long did you observe the behavior of pigs?
Did you witness the shameful behavior of pigs with your own eyes?

You will be shocked to learn that our Mullahs never conducted any study on the pigs. All their statements or conclusions are based on hearsay. By doing so they violated the clear Quranic command mentioned in the beginning. We should not follow their footsteps. We must search for the facts and accept only what is proven and true. Mullahs have no evidence to back up their allegations. Also, it is no secret that our Mullahs hate pigs more than the devils? Any pig that crosses the path of a Mullah rarely escapes death.

How do our Mullahs know the pigs have spouses? Do they perform marriage ceremonies of the pigs?

I do not know pigs ever swap their spouses. But our Mullahs sure do. Look no further than “Halala”, which our Mullahs enjoy more than “Halva”. Halala is essentially Mullah sanctioned wife swapping. How wide spread Halala is? You will be surprised when you read my next post or blog on this topic.

Here are some facts about pigs I found on the Internet. Please feel free to do your own research to verify or refute them.

“Pigs are very intelligent and learn very quickly.
Pigs have an excellent sense of smell.
Pig's Tongue contains 15,000 taste buds. For comparison, the human tongue has 9,000 taste buds.
Pigs do not have functional sweat glands. They use water or mud for the purpose of staying cool in hot weather.
Pigs do not prefer to sit in mud. In fact they prefer cleanliness much more than other animals. They use the mud only as a coolant in summers, that too out of necessity.
Mud also provides the pigs protection against flies and parasites, apart from being used as a form of sunscreen, which protects their skin from sunburn.
Pigs are some of the cleanest animals around, refusing to mess anywhere near their living or eating areas when given a choice.
Wild Boars (male pigs) tend to be highly territorial animals and as such, they can be quite aggressive when it comes to breeding and marking their territory.
Many of the pig's anatomical/physiological features are similar to humans.
Much like human teeth, the teeth of the pig have an enamel coating which makes the teeth of the pig stronger and less exposed to disease.
Pigs are one of the few wild animals that properly chew their food as pigs have a digestive system that is similar to that of the human and therefore cannot digest un-chewed food easily.
Heart valves from pigs are used to replace damaged or diseased human heart valves.
Swine research led to the development of the CAT scan, a technology for examining internal organs without surgery.”



In brief the pig is a quiet and essentially clean animal. I found nothing to support Mullah’s assertion that the pig is homosexual and wife swapper. Here is a story that contradicts Mullah’s both claims.

An old friend of mine who returned to Gallaudet University this fall to complete her MA told me this story. She grew up at a farm in Iowa. Like other farmers her parents too kept some pigs. One day she noticed a boar (male pig) roaming outside barn. She escorted it into an enclosure that was already occupied by another boar. When her father returned home, she told him about the boar and where she led it. Her father got furious. He scolded his daughter and warned her never to leave two boars together in the same enclosure because they fight and might kill each other. They rushed to the enclosure and found both boars badly injured. Father told her that the boars might not survive. You may wonder why she did not hear the boars fighting. She is deaf.

Please note that I am only correcting the misstatement made by Mullahs about pigs. I do not endorse using pigs as food. We should not eat pigs for the same reason we do not eat cats, dogs, tigers, lions, and other similar animals.

(Note: If the above title seems offensive, Brother Dr, Shabbir can use an alternative title, such as “The Truth about Mullah and the Pig” or “Mullahs, the Pigs, and Wife Swappers”.)