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Re: Afghanistan
Date: Friday, 4 December 2009, 1:35 am
In Response To: Re: Afghanistan (dana whitaker)

Thanks Dana,

No body knows no body here, except their comments.
Your first post was right, now its in middle.

But, about system you are right, all over world these two classes are existing. Rich and not Rich. Capitalism is to be blamed, but the replacement is socialism, with which world and America are allergic. Conservatives have already started blaming new administration as socialists. We know , nothing is true. Its all money and power to maneuver money is the goal.

Afghanistan is a huge trap, many kings and their armies have lost their way their. The terrain breaks any force. Last was Russia, but why America never learned from them, its a question. Now Russians are more than glad that finally US camel is also under mountain( An urdu saying).

The sooner the better, US should leave, but not run like Nixon from Vietnam, then from White House. They must clean up the mess and leave a stable substitute government. A reasonable timeline of eighteen month for exit is reasonable for now. Any way, it takes at least a week to vacate an apartment.


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