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Re: Afghanistan
By:dana whitaker
Date: Thursday, 3 December 2009, 10:42 pm
In Response To: Re: Afghanistan (Sidqi)

Salaam Sidqi,

(The region is a den of maniacs, size of a volcano, how can you just cut and run.
Who started these wars, who opened this Pandora's box, who drowned America;s economy, which was a surplus in 2000, when Clinton handed over.
In your dictionary, the one who cut n run has a spine of steel and one who fights boldly, clean up the mess is a worm. Very good)

First off you do not know me nor what I think or feel. With that said I recommend you read F. William Engdahl's book 'Full Spectrum Dominance'. The United States has never ended the Cold-War and their agenda includes first strike Nuclear Options against Russia and or China. I am an American I understand America and its inner workings. There is no Political Parties, this are just games so that every 4 years 'We' the blind cheerful robots can choose a candidate that has never had our interests in mind. These Wars were initiated by The Power Elite not by a President. The President is only a figure head, and if he does not follow orders they will wind up like Lincoln & Kennedy. America's economy was doomed by Clinton by his signing the passage for the De-Regulation of Banks. There is no Good Side here, it is only one side 'Corporate Power' - the super rich and the rests of us. And if you do not have BILLIONS in your Banking Account you are not included with The Power Elite. You need to wake up to this fact and stop trying to tell me how I think. You do not know me!

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