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Re: "We" and "I"
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2009, 6:03 pm
In Response To: "We" and "I" (Abby Starri)

Dear Abby, Salamun alaikum!

What a magnanimous soul you are! I am very grateful for your kind and encouraging words. May Allah reward you for inspiring a laborer in the Cause of Allah!

"WE" indicates the Royal glory of Allah as mentioned in the verse you beautifully chose.

The Quran makes no compromises at all with TAWHEED (Monotheism). Look at the following verse:

18:26 Say, “God knows best how long they remained there.” His alone is the knowledge of the hidden reality of the heavens and the earth. How well does He see and hear! They have no guardian apart from Him and HE ALLOTS NO ONE A SHARE IN HIS RULE!

Surah 112. Al-Ikhlas – The Pure Monotheism

Author’s note: This a very brief Surah that very forcefully and clearly expounds strict Monotheism, nothing confusing about it as Trinity, Dualism or any shade of Polytheism.

With the Glorious Name of God, the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness

112:1 Say, "He is God, the One and Only! [He is Unique in His Essence and Attributes and He alone is the Sovereign Law-Giver in the Universe]

112:2 God is Absolutely Independent. [Samad = The Absolute = The Eternal = The Unique = The Absolutely Independent = Perfect = The Uncaused Cause of all that exists = The One Who supports all and needs no support = Literally, an unshakable rock that grants refuge to all and itself needs no refuge]

112:3 He begets not, nor is He begotten.

112:4 And there is absolutely none like Him."

With best regards,

A lifelong student

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