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"We" and "I"
By:Abby Starri
Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2009, 5:19 pm
In Response To: Ourbeacon Products (Dr. Shabbir)

Sir, Salaam to You and your Family,

I simply accept the incredible magnificent work that you have done in Translating the LAST BOOK OF OUR ONLY MASTER.

It is not that I do not agree with you in regard to the ROYAL “WE” a more that 2000 times mentioned in the Quran, but I feel that it could possible refer to the … Angels, or Trusted Helpers of our Great ALLAH.

It was the Angel “GABRIEL” in some instances passing the messages to Mary and Mohammad. I am certain that our Great Allah could a time have directed Them to do the various tasks. I am 100 % aware that if the Great Allah says something it is immediately done. Further why as they say “Have dogs and do the barking” please do not take this quote in any way disrespectfully toward our Great Allah.

Perhaps I am wrong in my thinking, but I like to share what I believe or consider in my mind to be correct.

Please keep up your VERY GOOD WORK, I am certain that you have a very task in doing your marvelous work, I am certain that our Kind Allah will recompense you for your hard work.

This is just a part of your translation that I am referring to with great respect

2:23 (For the real skeptic We have another reason-friendly offer.) If you are still in doubt concerning that which We have revealed unto Our servant (Muhammad), call and set up (a committee, commission, organization, association of the highest order) all your helpers besides Allah, and then produce just one Surah like this, if you are men of Truth. (Bring one Surah that would even come close to it in magnificence, eloquence, grandeur and wisdom ((10:38), (11:13)).

[Allah uses for Himself the first person singular ‘I’ as well as the plural ‘We’. The Qur’an being the most eloquent Book on earth has its own unique charisma and style. A slight reflection even on a translation strikes us with the tremendous variety of the modes of its semantics usage. ‘We’ in relation to God indicates His Supreme Royalty, whereas ‘I’ gives us some idea of how close the King of kings is to us]

Best regards and my Allah recompense you for your hard work,

Abby Starri

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