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Re: Change ourselves.
By:dana whitaker
Date: Friday, 27 November 2009, 4:48 pm
In Response To: Re: Change ourselves. (Sidqi)

Salaam Sidqi,

(First of all, there is no such thing as perfect or ideal person or system. Flaws are nature, but we have to carve best out such flaws. Muslim had it for a short period after the demise of Prophet(s), till greeds and kingdoms of different kind took over. presently, its the European union, which is trying to give best possible rights and social services to its citizens. Chinese are also working hard in that direction. Oil rich Saudis / M.East have also shared their land wealth towards their people in social sector.)

The problem is that the present system is not trying to give us the best possible solution to the issues of the day. They in fact are creating/manufacturing issues that are killing us. For example, AIDS - this is a man-made disease that is being used to wipe out the people of Africa so that they can take over its GOLD OIL & MINERALS. - Cancer - Dr. Royal Rife cured Cancer in the 1930's but they ruined the man and took over his machines. The Dollar Bubble - The Housing Bubble - The Oil Bubble now an upcoming Green Bubble - This is where they artificially put a high price on a item then when it collapses they also make money on its downfall. I suggest you read Eric Janszen's book 'America's Bubble Economy'.

Now there is the curious case of the so-called swine flu where scientists have found traces of mercury in the vaccinations that cause neurological damage. The cure is what's killing us! These people in power know this yet they are purposefully killing us, and because we are so programmed and misinformed via the media we really do not understand the evil that is happening all around us. They give us shopping to do, football games to watch, and all the while they are killing us through the food, the water supply, economy and disease. Yet we sit back like a Cheerful Robot completely bereft of feeling and the insight to view the problems that are presented before us. It's as if they gave the masses of people a lobotomy.

Now they are planning to rid themselves of us, the people. The people in power do not need us anymore; they have robots that can our jobs and functions just as well. To be honest in their eyes we are a liability on their spreadsheets, costing them money. The only solution is for us to unite behind humanity use The Quran as a binding force based on love for one another and take-over our countries. REVOLUTION - A Benevolent Revolution.

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