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Re: 'Isa or Jesus?
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Tuesday, 24 November 2009, 1:17 pm
In Response To: Re: 'Isa or Jesus? (Dr. Shabbir)

To get away from their Jewish roots, words beginning with Y were Romanised by the Christians to a J. Another example of this is YHWY (Yahweh) became Jehovah

Also, Simon, a good solid Jewish name, was metamorphosed into Peter (from the Greek Petra, meaning rock) and Saul became Paul.

The orientalists also ridicule Allah by saying that this is not the “personal” name of God, which Jehovah is, naturally. Any scholar of Hebrew knows that the letters representing God is ALA (ALEF, LAMED, ALEF), which, when the vowel points are added, can be pronounced ELOI (el oh ee) which is what Isa supposedly said at the supposed crucifiction (this is spelt correctly, not the normal crucifixion) “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani”, or can equally be pronounced as ALA (Al la), a shorter pronunciation than our Allah, but much closer than Jehovah.

The joke is on the Christians who translate their Bible into Arabic and use the name Allah without any hesitation!

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