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Re: 'Isa or Jesus?
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 24 November 2009, 10:54 am
In Response To: 'Isa or Jesus? (Norman Waseem)

Respected brother, WA

'Isa is the Arbianized version of Jesus. If you see the Arabic, Persian or Urdu Bible, the Christians write his name as Yasu' and not Jesus.

There are quite a few other Arabianized names. No big deal.

[If they do not accept 'Isa, use Jesus. Some orientalists call us Muhammadan, but we do not accept it since he was not the founder of Islam and the Quran has named us Muslims]

Noah = Nooh
Abraham = Ibrahim
Ishmael = Ismail
Isaac = Ishaq
Jacob = Ya'qoob
David = Daud
Solomon = Sulaiman
Joseph = Yousuf
Mary = Maryam
Jonah = Younus
Messiah = Maseeh
Moses = Musa
Aaron = Haroon

An important note:

Prophet Zechariah of the Old Testament came much before Jesus and John the Baptist.

Prophet Zakariya, guardian of Mary, was the father of Yahya (John the Baptist).

Zechariah ... Old Testament
Zakariya (Quran) = Zacharias of the New Testament

[Our salutes to them all]

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