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Re: Virgin Certificates
Date: Tuesday, 24 November 2009, 6:40 am
In Response To: Virgin Certificates (Hicham)

Scrolling your site you seem to be able to separate Muslim tradition from the Islamic religion. As such I was wondering what the reference to the "N1 perspective" is? I am writing a philosophy case study for my philosophy class on if it is ethical for a doctor to sign true or false virgin slips and perform hymenostplast (re-virginizing) operations.
As this seems to be requested most from Muslims I would like your opinion.
I myself, and my husband, married virgins. Being pure as God desires was important to us. As such I believe both males and females should not have sex before or outside of marriage. Your Qua'ran says this yes?
I am from Canada though and I cannot wrap my brain around the idea of "honour killings". Why is it okay for a husband, father, or brother, or mother to kill a daughter who is, or is even blamed for being sexually impure? I think we should be pure, but to kill for it?
I don't understand this. To be fair in my argument I want to present an Islamic point-of-view, as this is a cultural difference and religion difference.
As for the gender discrimination issue, could I, as a woman "honour kill" my husband if I caught him in an affair? would your holy book condone this? would muslim tradition condone this?
Please be not offended. I am a christian but I have met muslims that were good people and would call them a friend. I just don't understand.

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