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Re: Cat Stevens
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Monday, 23 November 2009, 1:30 pm
In Response To: Cat Stevens (Adil Naveed)

George Bush and USA is blamed for every ill of the Muslim world, but look at the number of wars fought in the last 100 years by the USA and a startling fact emerges:-

1. WW1 (1917-1918) Europe, millions dead
2. WW2 (1941-1945) Europe/ Pacific multi millions dead
3. Korea War (1950-1953)
4. Vietnam War (1961-1975) millions killed
5. Operation Urgent Fury-Grenada (1983)
6. Operation Just Cause-Panama (1989)
7. Operation Desert Storm-Iraq (January/February 1991)
8. Operation Restore Hope-Somalia (1993)
9. Operations in Europe-Kosovo/Bosnia (1995)
10. Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan (2001-present)
11. Operation Iraqi Freedom-Iraq (2003-present)

The majority of wars and deaths have been as a result of conflict with NON MUSLIMS. There are no crusades; this is just a lie being spread by those who want to turn mass murder to their own advantage. Every Osama or Taliban member feeds the masses with false propaganda and trap a few sheep that turn into walking bombs.
American has an interest in any war, and religion has no part to play. If anti Islam was such a top priority of America, why are so many Americans turning to Islam and NOT being stopped from doing so? And before someone states that this is another conspiracy, I do not believe it is a plot to infiltrate the enemy in order to destroy it from within!

Becoming just another weakened nation, devoid of spirit or the capacity to defend itself from the modern Persian Empire, when 1400 years ago our brothers were able to overthrow that tyranny, is caused by the failure of Muslims to stick to the Quran.

3:103 You must hold fast, all of you together, to the Bond of God and be not divided into sects. (The Bond or Rope of God is the Qur’an which is an Unbreakable Support 2:256.) Remember God’s Favour upon you when you were enemies and, almost overnight, He brought mutual affection in your hearts. Thus, you became brothers and sisters by His Grace. And recall that you were on the brink of the pit of fire, and He saved you from it. (Various tribes used to attack one another, and personal enmity plagued them.) This is how effectively God has made His messages clear for you to journey on the lighted road. [6:165, 30:31-32, Huda = Guidance = Walk the right path = Travel on a lighted road]

We built a new pit and jumped in ourselves; we did not and do not need the Americans to help us burn!

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