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Did prophets find the idols disgusting?
By:Rehana Qaimkhani
Date: Saturday, 21 November 2009, 2:59 am

Nay, the priests were dividing humans in their names.
By Dr. Abdul Hafeez Fauq
From: Islam: The True History And False Beliefs by Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

If you read the whole story of Prophet Ibrahim's breaking the "little ones" but sparing the "Big One", you will note that the purpose of Prophet Ibraim was NOT to break a great work of art--the statues--but to remind and prove to his father and idol-worshipers that these statues didn’t know anything and that they could not help them in any way. [Read 21:51-67, and " That 'Big One' did it. But ask them (little ones) if they can speak."]

Remember--NO PROPHET BROKE ANY STATUES ANYWHERE. Go ahead and burn that history book that says the Last Prophet of Allah broke 360 idols in the Ka'bah. That is a humongous lie and slander on the Prophet and his prophetic office. The idol worshipers had removed them upon embracing Islam.

Allah Who ordered Prophet Ibrahim and his son to build and PURIFY His House, would never have allowed that to happen either. Thus, the “daughters of Allah” that the idolaters worshiped were just “the names they and their fathers invented (al-Laat, al-Manat, and al-‘Uzza).” If Prophet Ibrahim would have smashed any idols in the Ka’bah, the Qur’an would not have left this event of great historical importance unmentioned. We do not find any Commandments for the Prophets to break any idols —but only Commandments not to worship them.

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Did prophets find the idols disgusting?
Rehana Qaimkhani -- Saturday, 21 November 2009, 2:59 am
Re: Did prophets find the idols disgusting?
Muhammad Rafi -- Monday, 23 November 2009, 5:22 am