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Re: Best Ten Days Of The Year
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Friday, 20 November 2009, 11:22 am
In Response To: Re: Best Ten Days Of The Year (Maulana Shaykh Yasir Qadhi Qadri)

Zikr (dhikr) should be understood before it is undertaken, please read:-
[Adapted from Lughat ul Quran]

This means that if you uphold my laws then I will protect your rights and grant you greatness and grandeur,that is, if you follow My laws then their delightful results will certainly be before you. Here, it must be noted that the initiative is from man and God only answers it. The sort of deed that is committed by man gets the same sort of result (that is good result for good deeds and bad result for bad deeds): therefore, zikrullah (Allah’s zikr) means the following of God’s orders (and not merely turning the beads of the rosary): the definite result of following these orders is respect and greatness and domination over anti-God forces: for Hazrat Ibrahim to go and confront the Pharaoh (with God’s laws) is zikr and tasbeeh: to be steadfast in the battlefield is zikr: to deliberate upon the things of this universe is zikr: to keep God’s laws before one at every step in every aspect of life is zikr: to propagate these laws is also zikr: this in today’s world is called broadcasting and publishing: this is the very zikral lah (Allah’s zikr) which gives real peace to a man: the ‘real’ has been added because transitory and artificial peace or satisfaction can be obtained through baatil (untrue) religions too : real peace is obtained through deep insight: that is, when after deliberating on something deeply or after the final results of the deeds are before us, we reach the conclusion that something is true, then it gives us real peace: which is peaceful both for the heart and mind: false peace (satisfaction) is obtained by deceiving oneself : real peace accrued to the group of momineen in the battlefield of Badr when they defeated an army three times their size:

3:124 Remember when you said unto the believers, “Is it not sufficient for you that your Lord should help you with three thousand angels, sent down to your hearts?”
[Fearlessness, determination, inner calm, and courage are the angels God sends down upon those who strive in His Cause. 8:9-12, 41:30. Taking such verses literally, leads us to wrongly conclude the utter feebleness of 'angels' - the Battle of Badr was fought between 313 Muslims and about 1,000 opponents]
3:125 Surely! If you take a firm stand and be on guard, and the enemy launches on you a sudden attack, your Lord will aid you with five thousand angels, specialized.
[Musawwimeen = Clearly marked = Those given a clear assignment = Branded horses = Destined to succeed = Special forces = Specialized. Once again, the term refers to invincible determination]
3:126 God made this but an allegory to give you glad tiding, and to comfort your hearts, since there is no victory contrary to the Laws of God, the Almighty, the Wise.
3:127 This is how He cuts off a flank of the rejecters, and abases them so that they turn back utterly dejected.
[Yaqta' = He cut off = Sets apart = Sets aside. 'Aw' in this case more appropriately indicates 'and']
3:128 It is not your personal concern (O Messenger) whether He accepts their repentance or punishes them because they have been unjust aggressors.

Peace is not obtained in secluded rooms or places, it is obtained by following Allah as he intended us to follow Him, not by the ways given to us by our ancestors.

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