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Thus Speaks The Quran, a new book
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Thursday, 19 November 2009, 9:19 pm

THUS SPEAKS THE QURAN is the latest book by Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

I wrote one of my most popular books, THUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE in 2004. It has drawn numerous people to Islam.

Here is a brief info about THUS SPEAKS THE QURAN. In-Sha-Allah you will love this book and want to share with others.

Ask for this exceptionally attractive and effective little book now.

Call Dr. Shabbir at 954-746-2115
Or email: drshabbir@bellsouth.net
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According to Muslim belief, the Quran is a book revealed by the Almighty to the exalted Prophet Muhammad of Arabia between 610-622 CE. It is a guide of conduct for all humanity. Unbiased reflection tells any reader that the Book is indeed matchless in the wisdom, knowledge and guidance it enshrines.

Prophet Muhammad (570-632) was the last in the long chain of prophets, messengers and apostles of God that were raised to guide people in all parts of the world. He was the last prophet since the Message delivered to him is complete, unaltered and God Himself promises to protect it for all times.

Although the entire Quran is full of wisdom, knowledge and guidance for mankind, “Thus Speaks the Quran” (TSQ) presents the fundamentals of the Divine Message. TSQ is intended to be brief and reader-friendly for all, but especially for those on the go.

For simplicity and brevity, I have paraphrased the central themes of the Quranic verses. Particular care has been taken to preserve the original meanings. This work is NOT a literal translation.
Undue bias in the West keeps people from enriching their lives with the Supreme Quranic wisdom. The objective of TSQ is not trying to defend the Quran which, I believe, needs no defense. (For details, the reader may see my book, "Islam As I Understand" or "Who Wrote The Quran?" Available online. www.ourbeacon.com)

It is our sincere and fervent desire that no human should remain deprived of the unique Beacon of Light, Al-Quran. We see quotes from every Tom, Dick & Harry in print and electronic media, but, according to Murad Hoffman, "Mentioning the Quran in the West is like quoting Satan." I wish to effectively change this unfortunate perception since the Quran is an unparalleled guidance for all humanity. Muslims have no exclusive rights to it. Rather, it is they who have abandoned it in favor of books written by “Imams” and Mullahs. However, since Muslims are thought to be the custodians of the Quran, their deplorable actions naturally alienate non-Muslims from this Treasure of treasures. We cannot blame the westerners for preemptively rejecting the Benevolent Quran since they have been made to think of it as a demonic book. Here is an opportunity for anyone to check the reality quickly and first hand.

An Observation: It is often said that great minds think alike. Quite a few brilliant minds in the West, at the height of their intellectual inquiry, seem to come close to the glorious concepts, principles and ideals of Divine intelligence given in the Quran. For example:

“I think, therefore I am.” – Rene Descartes (1590 to 1650, French philosopher)

Descartes’ ability to think proved to him and others that his existence was real. Most simply, this demolishes the false dogmas of "Wahdat al-Wujud" Unity of being, Mysticism and Pantheism all of which deny the reality of all things but God.

Plato thought of the Universe as ‘a reflection of ideas', “The real existence is only of the World of Ideas. All that we see around us is only an image of that World.”

Great Hindu philosophers thought of the Universe as 'God’s dream': “Lord Brahma is sleeping watching a dream. This dream is the Universe and the day He wakes up, it would be the end of the world.” Some thought of God as “Nut-Rajan” the Great Player: “The Universe is a toy and Ramji is playing with it.”

The Quran states that the entire Universe, including man, has a real existence and it runs according to immutable Divine laws. So, water flows down-stream, gravity pulls, fire is hot, ice is cold, things float on water or sink in accordance with their specific gravity, planets revolve in their assigned orbits, light travels at 186,000 miles per sec, living beings face death, night and day alternate, opposite poles attract, like poles repel, all things are made of atoms, actions have reactions, metals are good conductors of heat and electricity while non-metals are not, magnet will pull iron and leave aside wood, elements will always have a fixed density, heat expands, cold contracts and so on. When we discover any of such laws, we call it science.

10:5 …. God has created the Universe as the absolute reality and for a definite purpose. …
And you will never see God’s laws changing or deviating. [6:34, 6:116, 10:64, 17:77, 18:27, 33:38, 33:62, 35:43, 40:85, 48:23]

Just as the Divine laws govern the Universe, they also imperceptibly govern our physical bodies.

Why not let Divine laws govern our conduct as well? That is what Islam is.

Some Glimpses Of The Benevolent Quran:

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