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Eid-ul-Adha & Animal Sacrifice
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Thursday, 19 November 2009, 3:20 am


Muslims become a laughing stock and waste billions of dollars every year when they slaughter animals, generally on streets. This pagan practice is nowhere ordained in the Qur’an.

Slaughtering millions of animals on a single day grievously hurts the productivity of potential animal generations, an important food and industrial resource.

Udhia = Qurbani = Animal Sacrifice. Blood sacrifice is strictly a Pagan and Biblical ritual supposed to please God. He does not prescribe it at all. Only camels may be slaughtered at Hajj, and only in Makkah for the pilgrims to host one another (22:36). NAHR strictly refers to the sacrifice of a camel.

IS ANIMAL SACRIFICING THE COMMEMORATION OF HAZRAT IBRAHIM? There is a rampant belief among Muslims that they slaughter animals, sheep, goat, cow, camel in memory of Ibrahim's a. s. attempted slaughter of his son Ismail a.s. - That Allah saved Ismael a. s. by replacing him with a ram sent from heaven. Does Allah play games with His servants? How much more Biblical can one get?

37:102 And when he was old enough to strive along with him, Abraham said, “O My dear son! I have a vision that I must give you to a life of test and tribulation for a Noble cause. So look, what do you think?” He said, “O My father! Do what you are commanded. God willing, you will find me of the steadfast.” [‘Zibh’ & ‘Zabh’ = Sacrifice = Disregarding comfort for a Noble cause]

37:103 As both of them had surrendered themselves (to Allah), he made Ismail prostrate on his forehead in gratitude. [Contrary to popular tradition Abraham never envisioned or intended to slaughter his son]

37:106 This was indeed a Trial, clear in itself.

[Leaving the prestigious office of Chief Priesthood in Babylon and now the comfort of Syria for the wilderness of the valley of Makkah]

37:107 We exchanged his life for a Momentous Sacrifice. [Please notice here the absence of the Biblical and the traditional myth of a 'ram' sent from the heavens. Also, note that slaughtering of a sheep or goat, by no means, can be considered a Momentous Sacrifice. 14:37, 37:102]

Because it is the culmination of Hajj designed to be the Glorious Annual International Conference of all humanity to foster brotherhood, justice and equity among all nations, and devise ways to make this planet a better place to live. Think of the United Nations with all its failures in justice and equity. How about United Mankind with Divinely directed morality, brotherhood and justice? (2:196-203, 3:96-97, 22:27-28). Currently the high institution of Hajj has been reduced to a senseless ritual involving much chaos, waste of wealth and person with pagan activities going on. Yet, contrary to the Qur’an, most Muslims think that "performing" Hajj will erase all their sins of a lifetime and make them sinless as if they were newly born!