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Re: The occult... ghost?
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 17 November 2009, 2:18 pm
In Response To: The occult... (Ridwaan)

Dear brother, AA

This is not a very uncommon condition. The cause? Mild hypoxia (low oxygenation) of the brain while sleeping flat with usually the left hand placed on the heart serving as a load.

Tell the lady to sleep on her side, better on the right, since the heavy liver then does not exert any pressure on the heart and lungs. She may need pillows behind her back to avoid rolling flat on her back during sleep.

Reassure her that there is no such thing as 'spell', magic, demon or ghoul. You will always find people "Aamils" ready to exploit people.

The Bible is loaded with "demon possession" of people but the Christians have left all such nonsense in the church out of their practical lives.

This lifelong student humbly thinks the correct answer might not have come from other sources since Muslims so easily forsake the Glorious Book of Allah.

Read the following carefully:

Jibt = Baseless mysteries, magic, future-telling, astrology, clairvoyance, evil eye, good and bad omens, ‘occult’ sciences, amulets, interpretation of dreams and prophecies (except by a Prophet), palm-reading, soothsaying, superstitions of all kind, demon or jinn-possession of people, exorcism, blowing verses and senseless words on people or in food and drink, counting names on rosaries.

4:51 Are you not aware of those who, after receiving their share of the Book (Qur’an), believe in JIBT (baseless mysteries, magic, future-telling, astrology, clairvoyance, evil eye, good and bad omens, amulets, dreams and prophecies, palm-reading, soothsaying, superstitions of all kind, jinn or demon-possession of people, exorcism, blowing verses and senseless words on people or in food and drink, counting names on rosaries). And they believe in Taaghoot (the evil humans who try to play God with their tyranny or with their religious exploitation as priests and monks, Mullahs and Sufis of any religion)? And then they claim that they, the deniers (of the Qur’an) are better guided than the believers in the Book!

4:52 It is those whom God has rejected, and there is no one to help him whom God rejects.

4:53 Do the people who make claims of divination and clairvoyance have a share in the Divine Kingdom? But if they did, they would not give humanity the speck on a date-stone. [4:124, 15:13]

2:102 (They had followed conjecture in the past as well.) Some satanic people spread a rumor in the Kingdom of Solomon (Sulaiman). Solomon never disbelieved in the Divine laws, but the satanic people did. They fabricated a story that two angels Haaroot and Maaroot had descended in Babylon and taught magic to some people; and that they used to warn people, “We are only a temptation, therefore be not oblivious to the rational Divine laws.” The rumor further stated that people learned magic from both of them and learned how to create discord between a man and his wife. They could harm none against the Divine laws. And what they try to learn only harms them and does not profit them. They ought to know that any person indulging in this trade (the so-called occult sciences) will be a loser in the long run, and shall have no portion in the Hereafter. Evil is the price for which they sell their humanity, if they remember to make good use of their intellect.

[The entire story of Haaroot Maaroot was Hazaliat (nonsense). Magic, amulets, ghoul, demon-possession, exorcism, witchcraft, evil eye, fortune telling, astrology, palm reading, clairvoyance, knowledge of the future, Voodoo, are nothing but conjecture. These things can neither harm nor benefit anyone since nothing happens in the Universe contrary to the immutable Divine laws in nature. However, superstitions can harm people by becoming self-fulfilling prophecies. 3:123-127, 6:73, 7:54, 45:22]

4:119 (Satan, in allegorical terms, had said,) “I will mislead them and entice them.” I will order them to slit the ears of cattle and disfigure the creation of God.” Whoever forsakes God and takes Satan for a friend, has suffered a manifest loss.

[According to Satan’s promise, his representatives draw people away from the Qur’an and confound them with ritualism and superstitions such as magic, dreams, astrology, amulets, numerology, ghoul, exorcism, and vain beliefs. Marking cattle's ears, choosing red cows or black goats for specific sacrifices, are superstitions that the clergy propagates. They try to present the laws of God operative in the World of Creation in a distorted fashion. They assign miracles to living or dead "saints" ignoring the Law of Cause and Effect. 2:34-36, 4:51, 4:60, 7:11, 15:30-32, 17:62, 18:50, 20:116, 38:74]

Surah 67. Al-Mulk – The Supreme Kingdom
[Author’s Note] This is the 67th Surah of the Qur’an. It has 30 verses. The Surah drives home the point that the Creator of the Universe is Impeccable and we can see His Perfection in His creation. The Book sent by such Perfect Creator has to be perfect. Having said that, it is up to us, anyone of us, to read the Book and see for ourselves the truth of this statement. Verse 5 of this Surah has frequently been misinterpreted giving the impression as if there are some invisible creatures, Jinns and Satans who ascend to the sky and try to listen to God’s secret conference with angels. Then missiles in the form of meteorites are thrown upon them. This fallacy arises from the Biblical and fabricated Hadith concept of God sitting on a throne in the skies. According to the Qur’an God is Omnipresent. He is High above anthropomorphism (a physical form). And Satan is nothing but our own selfish desires. Satans are people who succumb to their selfish desires or incite others into wrongdoing. And Jinns denote the uncivilized nomads living distant from Ins, the urban people. Contrary to the Bible, the Qur’an does not acknowledge the existence of any demons either.
It is tragic that the ancient and the modern commentators of the Qur’an have only rarely been able to free their minds of the Israelite, or the Judeo-Christian traditions. Furthermore, they disregard a reported saying of the exalted Prophet, “La Ghoul” = There is no such thing as demons, witches, Dracula, evil spirits, mysterious beings possessing humans or harassing them.

Surah 72. Al-Jinn – The Unseen Beings
[Author’s Note] This is the 72nd Surah of the Qur’an. It has 28 verses. The term ‘Jinn’ is often misunderstood. It is supposed that they are unseen fiery creatures that live on earth and in the atmosphere and that they can possess people. The Qur’an does not condone the existence of any such thing as ‘demons’. And there is a reported saying of the exalted Prophet, “La Ghoul” = There is no such thing as ghoul, demons, Dracula, vampires, fairies, witches and wizards etc. All such things fall into the domain of superstition.
“And the Jinns He has created from a confused flame of fire (with a fiery disposition 55:15).
[References to Jinns: 2:102,6:76, 6:100, 6:112, 6:128-130, 7:12, 7:38, 8:27, 11:119, 15:17, 15:27, 21:82, 32:13, 34:12-14, 37:158, 38:76, 46:29-32, 55:15, 72:1-15, 75:2-6, 114:6 Jinn, in fact, implies something hidden, rarely seen. So, after using Tasreef, Al-Jinn = The nomads. Jannah from the same root means a garden hidden in foliage. When the Jinns or nomads move to dwell in towns and become civilized, they are referred to as Ins = Urbanites.
Among the verses referred to above, Jinn, at times, denotes the hidden evil prompting that goes on in the human mind. In the sense of flashes of evil prompting, Jinn can be understood as Satan in minor forms. Satan = Selfish or rebellious desires, works in concert with evil emotions which have been described as being fiery in the Jahilyah poetry. 'Emotions being fiery' stands up to reason.
Where is Satan? The exalted Prophet once said that everyone has a Satan/Iblis within. Sahaba Kiraam respectfully asked, “Even you O Rasullullah?” He said, “Yes, I have made him a Muslim (made the desires submit to God.)” This proves further that Satan is not an extrinsic entity.
Verse 21:37 convincingly shows what the ‘creation of Jinn out of fire’ actually means. Using exactly the same terms ‘khuliq’ and ‘min’ it states “KHULIQAL insanu MIN ‘ajal”. Literally that would translate as: He created man out of haste. Whereas the clear understanding is: Man has been created with a tendency to be hasty and looking for instant gains or results.
Such is the case with, “KHULAQAL jaanna MIN marijin MIN naar”. He created the nomads with a fiery disposition. (55:15)

This Surah beautifully illustrates another very important point. Wherever in the Qur’an we come across the utterance or behavior of people that is not condemned by other verses, it stands confirmed by God as right and truthful]

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