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Re: Reforming the Ulema
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Friday, 13 November 2009, 11:35 am
In Response To: Reforming the Ulema (shahalam)

Dear brother shahalam,

I have slightly edited your post for clarity.

Please 'reform' your concept of the true Ulema in the light of the Qur'an.

35:27 Have you not seen that God causes water to fall from the height. Then, with it We produce fruit of different colors and kinds. And in the mountains are tracts white and red, of diverse colors, and raven-black.

35:28 And of human beings, the crawling creatures and related animals, and the cattle have diverse colors and properties. This is why of all His servants only those with knowledge of sciences can get some idea of the glory of God (by examining the wonders in nature). Surely, God is Almighty, Absolver of imperfections.

[Dawwab = Crawling creatures and insects. Ulama = Scientists = Men and women of scientific knowledge. The above two verses clearly define ‘Ulama’. Please reflect how many sciences are mentioned here: Meteorology, Water Cycle, Botany, Geology, Topography, Anthropology, Human soma and psyche, Biology, Zoology, Nematology, Parasitology, Livestock, Nutrition etc! The term does not apply to the clergy (Mullahs) who can only relate false, fabricated traditions and tell us about vain, petty rituals; things such as which side to sleep on and not to sleep on, prayers to recite when you wake up or step in and out of home, how to rinse your nose and mouth, do wudhu or wash the private parts, and so on]

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