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By:Chibuzo Ohanaja
Date: Thursday, 12 November 2009, 11:46 am

Salamun Alaikum to everyone who might read this message,

My name is Chibuzo Ohanaja or also known since my conversion as Kamran Cheikh. I am currently working on the Steering Committee of a new Muslim organization here in America called MPJP(Muslims for Peace,Justice and Progrss). Since our founding in 2007 we have been working diligently to form an constructive agenda for an American Muslim based Citizen diplomacy organization. Some might wonder what does MPJP hope to accomplish that has never been done before by any other American Muslim organization? Well to begin with the current situation of American Muslims has shown that there could not be a more vital time or oppurtunity to have the presence of a active Muslim organization here in America to unite Muslims towards a noble cause. I am sure that everyone on this forum believes that reform in the Muslim world is not only essential but necessary to bridging the gap between the West and the East.

But we must face the fact that the path to successful reform in the Muslim World other than religious reform requires the change in international relations between the West and the Muslim world. First and foremost we must focus our efforts to reform the current domestic and foreign policies between Western and Muslim majority nations and communities. Let us take a step back and look at the current situation in the Muslim world right now. Our societies are restless, stagnant,fragmented and deprived of basic civil rights by the government policies of corrupt clerics and authoritarian regimes. In addition to the recent horrendous incident at fort hood,the U.S. is now deeply involved with major issues in 4 Muslim Majority societies 3 of them involving costly wars.

Issues such these, as every American Muslim knows are not new but have been continously reccurring in both the domestic and foreign arena between the U.S. and the Muslim World for quite some time. As a result of this ongoing conflict that has existed between the West and the Muslim World, American leaders are beginning to reconsider their strategies and search for new solutions to their foreign policy issues in Muslim majority societies worldwide. This willingness of the current Obama Administration to change their current stategy with the Muslim world has opened up a new vaccum in the U.S. government for American Muslims to fill. But how does MPJP hope to fill this vaccuum? By forming a united front of American Muslims citizens to constructively engage with our American goverment in issues concerning more effective diplomatic and conflict resolutions with countries in the Muslim World, we can serve as catalyst for change in the Muslim Communities both domestically and worldwide. We have now managed to form an unique organization with Muslims who despite having different theological backgrounds all share the same commitment to the values of peace,justice and progress in the Muslim world.

Additionally, I believe that a united and legitimate voice amongst American Muslims can serve to neutralize extremist ideologies and bigotry that exists in certain Muslim communities. Through our works with several media outlets,civil society,other American Muslim organizations, goverment institutions and American Muslim citizen delegation groups sent abroad, we can help uplift the image and position of Muslims and their respective work in America and beyond. We have already recieved avid support in our agenda from many American leaders and organizations including members of the Obama Administration such as Vice President Joe Biden and organizations such as Amnesty International. Additionly, we have outreached and recieved support in our agendas through frequent contact and conferences with renowned Muslim figures,scholars and activists such as Nobel Peace Prize Laurete Dr.Shirin Ebadi,Professor and Iranian Intellectual Dr.Hamid Debashi, Professor,writer and CBS news commentator Reza Aslan, writer Melody Moezzi, Historian and Professor Juan Cole, political activist Akhbar Ganji and many others.

All of these leaders,scholars and figures have recognized the dire time for change in our country. But this is not just our their own movement, the goals and aspirations of this movement should be shared by all Muslims here in America. As a recent college graduate, I am gearing this message toward the Muslims here in America who are part of the next generation. I have no doubt about the tremendous amount of potential that we hold to become great citizens of our country in the future. Nevertheless, as future citizens that will contribute to the greater fabric of society, the future perception and status of Muslims here in America lies in our hands. We at MPJP recognize this and invite all college or recent graduate aged students to be a part of organization. We also, invite anyone else who is a working proffessional who would be willing to perfom work as a volunteer with our organization. If those who are interested could please send an email to me at cohanaja@gmail.com with some brief information about themselves and how I can reach them it would be highly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

Chibuzo Ohanaja
MPJP Steering Committee


Chibuzo Ohanaja

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