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Another "Imamist" Hoax
Date: Wednesday, 11 November 2009, 4:50 am

Another "Imamist" Hoax----Abu Bakr was asked to compile the Qur’an and he hesitated but Umar convinced him that if he did not do this, there will be corruption and Allah's word would be lost so he agreed and then came Uthman and he managed to 'canonize' the final codex disregarding and commanding to be burnt some other codices that coextend at the time from Ubai bin Ka'b and Abdullah bin Masud's etc. That sheer nonsense. The gullible have accepted this ludicrous story hook, line, and sinker. This is much the same—a sad commentary on the "full brain tied behind backs" of the mullahs and gullible flock. The mullahs have hardly anytime to think and reflect. They show remarkable inability to see the Truth right under their noses but look for guidance in all the wrong places.

If you read the Qur’an, the verse 15:9 CLEARLY says that it is Allah Who has personally taken the responsibility to reveal and preserve the Qur'an. Who are we to question Him “Oh, Allah, HOW are you going to do that??” Is anyone listening to Allah??? Not only 15:9, The Sur'ah Abasah confirms that the honorable revelation was scripted through "honorable scribes"---and still mullahs and their gullible hoards will turn a blind eye to the Qur’anic evidence with pathetic indifference.

I have said countless times before and I say that again that the thing we call "Islamic History" or "Hadith" is nothing more than a hoax that befools millions everyday. It's all fabrication—a collection of fairy tales, conceived, contrived, concocted, and embellished in the comfort of someone’s home that have done a number on a nation that once counted as the best people on the planet.

We have the PERFECTLY PRESEVED text in the Qur’an—perfectly preserved because the preservation was not done by Abu Bakr, nor by Umar or Uthman--but the Most High Himself---and yet we feel no shame in our hearts in blatantly disregarding God's Word and glaringly honoring man's!

Thanks to Allah, the Most Merciful that brimstones don't shower on our lying forelocks. We are a lost nation that said good bye to the Divine Beauty of the Truth and said hello to the ugly trash!!!!