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Re: What is my fault?
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Monday, 9 November 2009, 10:10 am
In Response To: What is my fault? (H. Ramzan)

Muhtaram Hafiz Saheb, AA

Thank you for your patience!

This is a very common kind of question pertaining to the issue of TAQDEER or fate.

1. A genetically challenged child is nobody's fault. A few notables first:

53:38 No laden one shall bear the load of another.
53:39 Every human being shall be responsible for his works, and compensated for, his labor.
53:40 His effort (and not the results) will be seen.
53:41 Then he will be fully rewarded for it.
65:7 Let the affluent man give according to his affluence, and the poor man give according to what God has given him. God puts no burden on any person beyond what resources He has given him/her. (He does not hold accountable any human being with more than what He has given him.) God will soon bestow relief after hardship.

2. Allah, in His infinite mercy, may generously compensate the child in question in both lives.

3. Please know that TAQDEER (due measures, Divine laws operative in the Universe) always go back to Allah as their Source. TAQDEER has not been attributed to human beings even once in the Qur'an.

The commonly called QISMAT of a person is the result of these non-discriminating laws applying to him.


This is certainly not due to 'Karma' of philosopher Mano of Hinduism where a child is supposed to be born bearing the results of the sins he committed in a previous cycle of life.

According to the Qur'an, life in the Universe is a linear, ascending course, and not cyclical as Plato and Mano thought.

11:56 “.... There is not a creature in the Universe beyond His firm Control. Indeed, my Lord is on the straight path.” ....

[God has designed the Universe so that all things go through evolution. It is an ascending, linear journey that makes progress possible. In the Cyclical hypothesis of the Greek philosophers, things will keep revolving in a circle like oxen endlessly going around a water well without covering any distance. Christian monasticism, Judaic mysticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism etc define the ultimate objective of humans as freeing themselves of the endless cycle of life i.e. salvation. Therefore, salvation is a negative notion, whereas the Qur’an motivates us to attain eternal success. The dogma of Original Sin in Christianity also involves restoration to a sinless state, once again a negative connotation]

4. Knowledge: Allah has endowed human beings with the capacity to attain knowledge. Countless diseases have vanished from earth due to research and learning. Two examples: Somalia's Ali Mu'allin was the last human being affected with Smallpox in 1977. Edward Jenner's vaccine has made the horrific illness extinct, salutes to him.

Plague used to wipe off the entire communities and towns until 1930s. When the antibiotic Tetracyclines became available the mass killer of people that had been devastating mankind for at least 2,000 years, vanished as if overnight.

2:31 And God endowed humanity with the capacity to attain knowledge. Then He showed the angels certain things and said to them, “Tell me if you have the capacity of learning about these, if you are truthful (and better qualified to have supremacy on the planet earth).” [‘Allam-al-Aadam-al-Asma = He endowed humankind with the capacity to attain knowledge]

We are learning more about genetics everyday. Research has been extremely promising. Soon, many genetic ailments will come under control.

5. Divine Plan: Even a genetically challenged child is a gallant part of the Divine Master Plan much of which we do not understand at this time.

46:3 We have not created the heavens and earth and all that is between them but for a specific purpose, and for a term appointed. ....[Bil-Haqq = In truth = For a specific purpose = With a definite Plan]

Surah 75. Al-Qiyamah – The Resurrection

[Author’s Note] This is the 75th Surah of the Qur’an. It has 40 verses. The Book of God emphasizes the unwavering Law of Requital as the pivotal Reality in human lives and in the entire Universe. And that the Universe has been created with a definite purpose.
“There is a coherent plan in the Universe, though I do not know what it's a plan for.” [British astronomer-author, Sir Fred Hoyle]
The Universe has been created to fulfill the Divine Plan the hallmarks of which, according to the Qur’an, appear to be:
1 - All actions have their logical consequences.
2 - All things must become what they are meant to be.
3 - The Almighty Creator will bring into being another Cosmos to replace the one we now see and understand in our limited capacity.
4 - The humans will be given new higher forms.
5 - The evolution of the human ‘self’ (or ‘soul’) will continue in the life Hereafter.
6 - The new Cosmos will be even more wondrous.
7 - The life to come will be magnificent beyond our current imagination for those who have tried to develop their own ‘self’. It will entail true felicitous immortality with exponentially advanced capabilities. This is termed the Garden or the Paradise and explained in the Qur’an by way of allegories – allegories since the exact comprehension thereof is beyond our current level of understanding. And that is why the life of this world is a Divine Gift of opportunity, yet, in comparison, a ‘fleeting delight’.
8 – Those who fail to use their God-given potentials to grow their own ‘self’ will merely survive in a state of ‘neither living nor dying’. The Book of God calls that state as Hellfire. Once again, it has been described in allegories like other things that belong to the World of the Unseen.
9 – It is the mercy of God that people will be accountable only for their endeavor, and not for the results they achieve. The individual capacities that God has given them will be duly considered in the Final Judgment. God does not task any person beyond his scope and beyond what He has given him. A sincere effort made in a noble cause is always rewarded even if it did not succeed, since it leaves its positive imprints on the ‘Self”.
Qiyamah literally means ‘Standing up or rising up.’ So, in addition to the Final Resurrection, the Qur’an frequently uses the term to indicate people, nations, and mankind in general standing up on their feet - in terms of establishing the Divine Order or the Kingdom of God on earth. In the same sense it means a Benevolent Revolution.

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