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ALLAMA I.U. Khan Al-Mashriqi’s Great Observation
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Monday, 9 November 2009, 12:20 am
In Response To: Will Pakistan be fragmented? (K.I. Bajwa - SriLankaGuardian.org)

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ALLAMA I.U. Khan Al-Mashriqi’s Great Observation
November 8th, 2009 by Dr. Shabbir

[FROM “ISLAM AS I UNDERSTAND” 1999, by Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.]


Surely you will prevail if you are indeed believers. (Al-Quran 3:139)

1.3 Billion People in 1999, 1.57 b in 2008

Islam is a universal Way of Life (DEEN). Besides Asia and Africa, Europe and North America have substantial populations of Muslims. It is proudly claimed that there are more than one billion Muslims in the world.

However, these more than one billion people are facing a global crisis. The crisis consists of political, economic, social, military, and scientific setbacks.

The great Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi, in the 1940s, depicted the state of the East in general, and that of Muslims in particular, in this way:

“People ask me that having widely traveled the East for years, what have I seen. How shall I tell what I have seen! From this end to that end I saw towns in ruins, broken and shaken bridges, dirt clogged canals, dusty streets, abandoned highways. I saw wrinkled faces, under-nourished bodies, stooping backs, empty brains, insensitive hearts, inverted logic, aberrant reason. I saw oppression, slavery, poverty, pomp and vanity, detestable vices, clusters of disease, burnt forests, cold ovens, barren fields, dirty attire and useless hands and feet. I saw imams (religious leaders) without followings. I saw brothers who were foes unto one another. I saw days without purpose and I saw nights which lead to no dawns.”

Let’s assess the situation from one more viewpoint. The noted Egyptian scholar Mufti Muhammad Abde Rabbuhu (d.1906) visited Paris over a hundred years ago. Upon his return to Egypt he startled the world by declaring, “In Europe I saw no Muslims, I saw Islam. In Egypt I see Muslims, I see no Islam!” (By the way, he termed the rampant, counterfeit, manmade Islam as THE ESTRANGED RELIGION.)

Dear reader, although there are non-Islamic practices in the West, I can hear the echo of that declaration today. The so-called billion plus Muslims are Muslims without Islam! Their political, economic and social conditions paint a complete picture of misery and chaos wherever they live. Apparently the tree bearing such bad fruit should be blameworthy. Isn’t a tree known by the fruit it bears? Let me say at the outset: The tree bearing this bad fruit is what I call THE NUMBER TWO ISLAM. Allama Mashriqi (d.1964) had termed it THE MAULVI’S WRONG RELIGION. Allama Iqbal (d. 1938) called it AJAMI (alien, Persian, non-Quranic) ISLAM. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, (d. 1897) had named it the MANMADE RELIGION.

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