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Is God a HE?
Date: Saturday, 7 November 2009, 9:14 am

Salam All,

One of my family youngster has expressed her reservations on.

1. Why translations of Quran in different languages and Bible portray God as "HE", why not "SHE". or why refer in a gender. If yes, then they are they all wrong.

2. In Arabic , what is the status of Word " ALLAH" in gender. If no gender, then see line 1. Similarly words like " Bhagwan, Devta, God, Khuda, Parmatma, are all male designations.

3. Why all Prophets mentioned in the books of scriptures are all male except just one Mariam( and She is not a messenger, but just mother of a Messenger). .

4. This male God concept has created an inferiority complex in women in the world.

5. Why Allah has addressed only men in Quran and Bible, at least it seems so, and few more points on concept.

6. Has God said any where, in any book that God is a HE. If not, the its time to tell people That HE is not a HE, but just beyond our domain to understand and that all books need to be corrected.

I thought a discussion will enhance our knowledge.

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Is God a HE?
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