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society of believers - a work in progress
By:ansari shakur
Date: Wednesday, 4 November 2009, 5:15 am

Society of Believers

I was brought under the Christian Church. The hot humid Sunday mornings. The steamy hot sanctuary mixed in with the cool air conditioner. My first remembrance of Church is seated next to my Grandmother as she got the holy ghost and ran toward the front of the church. I remember thinking of why this man preaching had such control of my Grandmother. I have received so much love from my family and they are Christian, but I say they are true Christians trying to do GOD’s will; they are Spiritual and they love GOD and the Law of GOD.

I believe GOD does not need our worship GOD requires we are obedient to GOD’s Laws. And that is what’s wrong with Religion it has been turned into worship instead of a Collective Social Movement to establish Societies based on Freedom Justice & Equality (GOD’s Laws). What is needed now is the Unification of Mankind, not one against the other. We are all one. White not superior to Black, East against West, we must do away with Divisions and realize we all have a Common Enemy that has pitted us against one another and that is The Elite in Power. These select few individuals that control Policy throughout the world Controls Corporations & Nations. These Devils in High Places think they are put their by GOD’s Will, this is our common enemy, but we do not realize there is a War being Waged on US.

There is a deeper purpose and Religion the way it is taught now has failed in its purpose. Spirituality can serve as a Common Expression of Care & Responsibility for Mankind. We originate from a Common Source the Supreme Creator not some freakin’ Apes. When you think the strongest survive and you come from a damn Ape you don’t give a Damn! But if you know you came from a Creator and you want to exude some of the Creators Attributes to your life you strive to become Forgiving, Merciful, Helping, Caring and Patient. But, hell if you think you’re from a damn Ape you create the Savings & Loan Scandal, you become a Nazi and exterminate Jews, you bomb Iraq & Afghanistan. You are in effect a Beast in human form.

Unfortunately, the way in which we teach Religion is so simplistic and borderline stupid; that to any thinking child it’s rubbish. You just don’t believe it. But then as you grow you want to believe in something and you try to believe yet it continually fails you. It fails you because it is a LIE. Not the truth of The Supreme Creator or the Prophets but the way in which it is told. The earth was not created in six days. In Noah’s time the flood was local not the entire world. Moses did not split the Red Sea. A lot of these stories are allegories; there is a deeper meaning behind them. Jesus did not take five fish and feed thousands of people however Jesus taught them and they left the meeting mentally well fed – well taught; spiritually fed. The problem lies in the fact we do not have the originals of Old nor New Testament. The only original copy is The Holy Quran and the Quran says these stories were allegorical in nature. There is no Heaven up-above nor a Hell down-below; they are states of mind. GOD is everywhere. We have Free-Will, we are responsible for our actions, and we suffer the logical consequences of our acts. Our purpose is to serve one another to care and be responsible for one another.

We are taught that Jesus loves us dies for our sins and we pray to him and he answers our prayers. We should pray to GOD and GOD Alone and not His Servants! We suffer the logical consequences of our actions. What we are faced with now is war on us by the super rich; the corporations, the Banksters, the Elite in Power. The circumstances in which we find ourselves in is not by our own hands but what has been designed to happen to us. The faulty education, the shoddy healthcare, the police brutality, the flood of drugs into our community, our bought and paid for political leaders who instead of looking out for the welfare of the masses are instead looking to get their pockets lined, their noses filled with magic candy, and various sexual favors. This is a sham, it is a crooked game and the Power Elite are the The Harlem Globetrotters and we the masses of people are the Washington Generals. Game Set Match.

We have the technology to live a blissful life; free energy, cancer free and AIDS free.
Dr Royal Raymond Rife has a machine that cured cancer and about 9 other diseases in the 1930’s, AIDS is a man made disease developed in Fort Dietrich, MD, and scientist such as Dr Bearden have discovered Free Energy. But why don’t we know about this? The Banksters, The Elite in Power want to control us. They want population control, they want to limit us, we could be living like the Jetsons but these Bastards want us to live like the Flinstones.

There is a list of issues that these Elites are in control of Propaganda on Television, Unjust Taxation without Representation.

There is Free-Will. We are Masters of our Fate, but we have allowed our power to be Usurped by these Degenerate, Perfidious, Deceptive, Beasts in Human Form. We must turn off the TV and turn-on our lives. Turn off; Days of our Lives, and turn on LIFE. Turn off Football, and Baseball! Read the Quran, study Nate Turner, John Brown! We do not know what true Freedom is like! We do not understand true Liberty! We have been living in a Oligarchy a System based on Totalitarianism not Freedom. But we have to pay a price for Freedom! Some of us may lose our life striving to Establish Freedom; God Damn IT! If you are afraid to give your life these ruthless Godless Bastards will take your life Regardless! This Varmint is trying to kill us now with Swine Flu, DO NOT TAKE THE SWINE FLU SHOT! We are dying ANYWAY! Hell, let’s Give our Life to Gain Our Life! And if you scared then GOD Damn IT leave us alone! Go Back to your home and die safely with your family! GOD has always blessed the Righteous! The Quran is filled with stories of small but united Armies defeating Larger Ones. But we must grow some Stones and be MEN! If you are doing good work and fighting for Freedom Justice and Equality you do not die! Life is Eternal with GOD. There is no Death. There is only Higher Forms of Life! GOD did not let Jesus die do you think Allah would forgot those who fight in His Cause?

There is a billion of us and only maybe 1000 or so of them! We must take back their wealth and share it equally with Humanity. How can Queen Elizabeth make $360 million dollars a day just on interest on her money and we accept that? We must take all her money and all her possessions and share it equally with Mankind.

We have the infrastructure in place for Society and Government; we just need to add Humanity and Care to the mixture.

The Supreme Creator who creates but is not created; the spark of life; Omnipresent & Omniscient has given us the Law of Karma. What we give out we get back. If I work hard then good things happen. The result is built-in based on our actions. When I treat people with care and kindness I get back care and kindness. GOD helps those who help themselves. If I am living a good life treating people the proper way and working very hard then good things happen. It does not happen by pure luck! I will not be successful if I go to church all day then all night I drink fornicate and smoke drugs. At that point I have nullified the good work as a matter of fact going to church is not a good work; going to a mosque is not in of itself good work. Good Work is being in service to others giving in some form or fashion; it could be giving your advice, a kind word, charity, giving food or clothes, working to establish a Just Economic Order and abolishing Capitalism ‘The Scourge of the 21st Century’. Yet if I nullify my good works by going against my Self by drinking to the point of drunkenness, smoking weed or crack and or stealing someone’s pension or starting an unjust war then I have damned my Self and will pay the price for my intents. Not to be a Debbie Downer but we suffer from intentional wrong acts. The good news and there is plenty of good news; we do not have to die in order to feel that heavenly state of bliss. Not that life will always be Butterflies and Rainbows with Deer running in the background next to a crystal lake full of singing Fish. But if we live the right way life can be very beautiful and full of Happiness. And trials that happen to us taken with the proper life style can always serve us a growth lesson to strengthen our Self. We grow our Spiritual Self by doing good actions; Give and Grow our Self.

But if we are living in a Rigged System where 1% of the Elite in Power control 95% of all the wealth. Know matter how spiritual I get, my spirituality is not going to change inequality. I can meditate for a zillion years and not change the system. The System must be changed in order for US to be Free. So the question we must ask ourselves is do I want to live free or live the life of the blissful slave? Then if we decide not buy into the Power Elites system what do we do? First we can start by pulling out of their banks, join credit unions, second we can stop buying products during Christmas and Thanksgivng. We can focus on the family and becoming a better more responsible person. Give and Grow; helping those out who are less fortunate than we. We can start by taking back our Government. By contacting our local officials and letting them know what we think, by uniting and organizing.

Our Enemy is The Elites in Power! They want to Kill You – Us – Me – We!!!!!

To put it bluntly in order for humanity to live the mind-set of USA Capitalism must die. But will we summon up our courage or die as withering cowards?

As F. William Engdahl illustrates in his book Full Spectrum Dominance. The U.S.A. wants a permanent war economy. Since November of 1989 the Pentagon has been pursuing a military strategy for domination of the entire planet. It was called by the Pentagon ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ it’s agenda was to control everything everywhere including the high seas, land, air, space and even outer-space and cyberspace.

‘We have about 50% of the worlds wealth but 6.3% of its population.. In this situation we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming; and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives. We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world-benefaction – George F. Kennan, U.S. State Department Policy Memorandum – February 1948.

The architects of the post-war US-Dominated global order explicitly chose not to call it an ‘empire’. Instead the U.S. would project its imperial power under the guise of colonial ‘liberation’ support for ‘democracy’ and ‘free markets’. This is one of the most effective and diabolical propaganda coups of modern times. Eurasia has been effectively placed beyond the reach of U.S. economic policies and that is why as The U.S. is trying desperately to secure total economic and military control of Russia.

Ultimate dismemberment or deconstruction of Russia’s remaining nuclear arsenal and control of Russia’s vast oil and gas resources remained the strategic priority of Washington.

The U.S. no longer has to use the Military Option for Regime Change. Now through the use of Slick Madison Avenue marketing techniques and careful study of genuine protest movements the U.S. Government had in effect, perfected techniques for ‘democratically getting rid of any opponent, while convincing the world via CNN that they were brought down by spontaneous outbursts for freedom.

Basically if American Interests are threatened by any Nation that favor land reform, stronger unions, and redistribution of wealth; also any Nations who nationalized local resources limited U.S. owned industry or sought to regulate business to protect workers or consumers. On behalf of American Businesses the CIA would mobilize the internal opposition.

First the CIA will identify right-wing groups within the country usually tied to the military and then offer them a deal. ‘We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us’. Typically, to grease the process huge payoffs and bribes were involved.

The CIA would then work with them to overthrow the existing government usually a democracy. It used a vast array of tricks and tactics; propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, bought elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, transportation strikes, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and assassination.

These efforts would typically culminate in a military coup, installing a ‘Pro-American’ right wing dictator. The CIA would then train the dictator’s security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, often using torture and murder.

The Strategists of Full Spectrum envisioned control of pretty much the entire universe including outer and inner-space from the galaxy to the mind. The control of energy particularly global oil and gas resources by the Big Four Anglo-American private oil giants – ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, BP and Royal Dutch Shell was the cornerstone of their global strategy.

To understand the horror that this government has vomited on the entire planet is mind-blowing. Remember, all it takes to blow up a gigantic balloon is a little microscopic pin.

The Corporate Oligopolist System in which 60% of international trade is between offices of the same firms or interlocked partners is the opposite of free-market.

Oligopoly is free-market competition. Leveraged money demand with no commodity produced is the ‘moral desert of market success’. Catastrophically failed economic experiments are ‘needed economic reforms’. Bombings of poor civilizations and their life infrastructures are ‘humanitarian interventions’. This is a crafty devil indeed. Double-Speak is the order of the day. A new reality in which the opposites are the same. We have two enemies the conglomerate media and their base the financial market. Why is it that the lions share of tax cuts flow to the rich? ‘The Rule of Law’ ‘Freedom’ and ‘Anti-Terrorism’. Is what is sold as False Slogans to the unsuspecting masses. Disconnection from accountability to the public is the order of rule.

C. Wright Mills the great sociologist pointed out the issues of today;

"The power of decisions is now seated in military, political, and economic institutions. Other institutions are increasingly shaped and used by these big three. By them the push and pull of fabulous technology is now guided, even as it paces and shapes their own development. As each of the big three has assumed its modern shape, its effects upon the other two have become greater and the traffic among the three has increased. The U.S. power system is no longer composed of a self-contained economy and a self-contained political order, loosely incorporating local militia unimportant to politics and to money-making. This system is now a political economy intricately linked with a military order central to politics and crucial to money-making. The triangle of power formed by these three orders is now a structural fact, and it is the key to any understanding of the higher circles in America today. For as each of these domains has coincided with the other, as decisions in each have become broader, the leading men of each--the high military, the corporation executives, the political directorate--have tended to come together, to form the power elite of America" (The Causes of World War III, 1958, p. 29).
"Business and government have become more closely and explicitly connected; neither can now be seen clearly as a distinct world. Under American conditions the growth of executive government does not mean merely the 'enlargement of government' as some kind of autonomous bureaucracy; it means the ascendancy of the corporation men into political eminence" (The Causes of World War III, 1958, p. 30).

As John McMurtry points out ‘Regulating principles of value and thought’

1. The forces of corporate global restructuring are without meaning or value in their direction. They are external forces, they are submitted to, not because they are good or promote life’s well-being, but because they are all-powerful.
2. The forces of corporate global restructuring are lawless. They don’t stop at national boundaries all other legal boundaries must fall before the advance of higher powers.
3. The forces of corporate global restructuring are unaccountable. There is no electorate or public standard or higher authority they answer to because ‘they wait for no one and no nation’ and ‘drive the future’. They are above democratic or other forms of social responsibility.
4. The forces of corporate global restructuring are absolutist. They respect no tradition – ethical, legal, or cultural. There is no exception!

Basically these Elite in Power don’t give a damn! They leave us no other choice but to chop their heads off and destroy their Totalitarian Social System. There may come a day where we gather these devils up and start chopping their heads off one by one Young or Old. We’ll spare the young ones under 18. They leave us NO CHOICE! GOD says Oppression is worse than murder and we are BEING OPPRESSED!!! Sharpen your axes.

However we cannot go around arbitrarily killing people! This is not the answer, what is the answer is we start to work on Self! What I mean by Self is that self that is the consciousness that says I am Me. This Self is eternal and is spiritual in nature; you can kill the body yet the Spirit is Eternal. And we grow our Spiritual Muscles by doing good works. We are Masters of our Fate. We determine our destiny via our actions. Shit happens we understand this, but what I am responsible for is on me; no one else, there’s no such thing as the devil made me do it ‘No, I wanted to do it, I could not resist the urge and damn it I did it, and boy did it feel good’ Now if it was against your Self you would suffer the ramifications of your act or acts.

GOD does not need our worship. Our purpose of serving GOD is not worship but in Servicing Humanity by Building a Society where there is Freedom Justice Equality Free Education Free Healthcare taking care of the poor the elderly and the orphan. This is our purpose but Religion has corrupted this purpose and changed it to worship. We have been tricked by The MAN! The people in Power the small yet powerful group that controls policy controls corporations controls banks & governments have helped in this Propaganda of Religion. Instead of applying the principles and laws of GOD into a Just Society we have taken it into the form of Religion and done away with the Principles of Good Works. Is it fair and right to murder the citizens of Iraq Afghanistan & Pakistan. NO, this is against Life! The US has done this for Oil for Greed. This is strictly Evil and Wrong; the people who are responsible for this will burn in a state of Regret.

The issue of the day deals with The Power Elite those Rich Racist in Power. Most white people think they are white and are not. They are middle class and some poor like the masses of humanity. White is an attitude like Dick Gregory says not a COLOR; and if you don’t have trillions in the Bank then you cant afford the attitude.

The social issues we must face; abolish Capitalism; Capitalism is not fighting for the liberation of workers lives but fights for the freedom of shareholders value.

The revolution is now the rich against the poorer, those Elites in Power seizing control of the worlds finances; and if you do not surrender your Nations Wealth voluntarily they will bomb your country to death. Financial war is waged against the welfare state (programs such as healthcare & education). From the late 1970’s onward ‘Necessary Structural Adjustment Programmes’ led by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank stripped social sectors throughout the world leaving countries paying up to five times more on debt-servicing foreign banks than on public health and education. After the Reagan Administration Wall Street-Driven Programmes of social stripping by debt reduction erupted as inevitable sacrifices everywhere else.

The new freedom with no alternative quadrupled stockholders value but the majority of workers became poorer and less secure. By the time the new prosperity of the world leading US economy peaked, the richest 10 percent had more than doubled their wealth in the last five years. By the year 2000 the top 1 percent had more wealth than the bottom 95 percent of US Citizens.

This concept of Karma also applies to Nations. The Nation that leads the world in Human Rights strive and grow whereas the Nation that lacks Human Rights and taxes it’s citizens unjustly and refuses to provide for the poor will be destroyed.

I believe that most people that call themselves Christians are very giving and caring people who are practical. Yet we have accepted these lies from Religion that we have a hard time doing away with the fairy tales.

All Prophets were one in purpose – same message same theme –

Angels are the forces of Nature; Fearlessness, determination, inner calm and courage are the angels GOD sends down upon those who strive in His cause

Likewise Satan is our Selfish Desires; Greed Envy Jealousy Covetousness Ego Lust

Our duty is to uproot destroy and abolish those who Oppress others and violate Human Rights. Our prime duty is to maintain a Benevolent Society Equitable and to do away with Usury. Unjust Interest and Taxation. We must avoid the interest-based economy. A Benevolent Society will help us all grow like an embryo in a mothers womb. GOD loves the benefactors of Humanity.

It is not easy. No Pain No Gain. Adversity is a great barometer of the personality. Fear Hunger Loss of Wealth Loss of Life are adversities that let us test our mettle. GOD’s Law will try us with such tribulations however, when a calamity befalls us do not waver and remain proactively steadfast and by doing so we will become a better stronger person and we will be blessed.

Good Deeds are those which better the world and develop human capabilities.

Belief in GOD and Fear Do NOT Occupy the same space.

The biggest crime is to misappropriate ones self. That is to act against what you know to be right. We have a sense a feeling if something we are about to do is right or wrong. A Ethics Test. Is it right to take a hundred dollars from a friends table if it’s right in front of us and know one will see?

Our Human Intellect can only take us so far; we need divine revelation from Quran. Our intellect is like a lightning bolt in the evening sky showing flashes of light. Divine Revelation is the Sun. That nourishes and if implemented can lead us to Heaven on Earth. There is no Heaven in the sky nor Hell down Below.

Society of Believers – Basic Precepts

Belief in the Creator of The Universe

Belief in Quran and Only Quran

Whether you call yourself a Christian a Jew a Muslim; as long as you have a Belief in GOD and GOD alone we say we are Believers.

We do not believe in Rituals, Traditions, Hadith. GOD is everywhere is Omnipresent so why do I have to face East to pray? GOD is everywhere so there is no Heaven in the sky or Hell down below. Based on our actions we suffer the logical consequences of our ACTIONS.

We do not follow conjecture; the Bible is a Hadith it is a collection of sayings that they attribute to various Prophets of GOD yet do not have the original. The people spoke Aramaic, and various African Dialects the oldest translations are in Greek, thus can not be relied on for GOD’s Message.

The Quran has not been altered and is still in its original language. However
we do not follow any Shariah or Hadith or Rituals that have been introduced to Islam. Islam was never meant to be a Religion but a way of Life. A system of Life; based on Providing for the poor, the homeless, establishing Healthcare and Education for all citizens. The Religious Class of Islam have perverted the true meaning of Islam into a Religion.

Our purpose is to establish a system of Human Rights and a Just Economic Global Order. We intend to abolish Capitalism, All Federal Reserves, Private Banks, and Illegal Corporations.

We must get this message to our people and when we come together as brothers and sisters and realize we have this common enemy and work to establish GOD’s Kingdom on Earth – we will win. As a matter of fact we have already WON.

Practical Steps to work towards our Society of Believers:


The difference between an Islamic State and a secular state is that in an Islamic State, affairs are conducted within limits laid down by the Quran. Nobody has the right to transgress these limits; in other words, the right to rule belongs to Allah alone. It is said in Surah Yusuf (12:40)

"Remember! The command is for none but Allah"

(18:26) "Nor does He share His Command with any one whosoever". If the right to rule is bestowed upon any person or a group of persons, whatever be their name, that shall amount to ascribing partners with Allah. No one, how highly placed he may be, even as high as a Messenger of Allah, has the right to make people subservient to himself. Surah Aal-e-Imran says: (3:78) 

"It is not for any human being unto whom Allah has given the Book and wisdom and the Divine Message, that he should afterwards have said unto mankind, 'Obey me instead of Allah'. He should rather say, 'You should be amongst those who are subservient to Allah by following His Book which you study and teach others'. "

Be it clear, that it is the Messenger of Allah who first receives the Book, then he delivers it to others. That is how the Book of Allah reaches the common man. The Quran was initially revealed to the 'Nabi'e. Later it became inherited by Muslim Ummah. It is said in Surah Faatir (35:32)

"Then We have given the Book for inheritance to such of our servants as We have chosen (It means the Muslim Ummah)". The duty of the Ummah is to establish an Order according to this Book; thus an Islamic State is an agency that enforces the divine command. On the contrary, the system of government in which the right of law-making is exercised by human beings, is a secular regime, whatever its shape may be. That is the line of demarcation between infidelity and Islam, Kufar and Islam. Allah ordains: (5:44)

"Those who do not establish a rule according to what Allah has revealed, are non-believers."


i) The code of an Islamic Constitution is the Book of Allah (the Quran). As stated above, those who do not establish a rule according to the Book of Allah are infidels (5:44); subservience to any other rule is not right. Surah A'raaf says: (7:3)

"(O Jamaa'atul Mu'mineen) Follow only that which has been revealed to you by your Rabb and do not follow any friends and protectors other than Him. (The subservience to Divine Laws and not of any human being is the real freedom), but very few keep this reality in mind."

ii) This Book, the Quran, is clear and explicit (5:15)

"Light from Allah has come to you in the form of a perspicuous Book". It means that the Book is clear and revealing. It is very easy to follow (54:32)

"In reality We have made this Quran very easy for taking guidance". It does not contain any disputative matter. Allah says: (4:82)

"Do they not reflect upon the Quran Were it from anyone other than Allah, they would surely have found therein plenty of contradictions". To be free of any discrepancy is in itself a proof of its having been revealed by Allah. Not only that it does not contain any controversial matter, it has the capacity to stand as a judge, in order to decide on controversial matters. The very aim of revealing Books from Allah was to decide all disagreements amongst human beings. (2:213)

"And to them (the Rasools) He sent the Book in truth, to judge between people in matters wherein they differed."

iii) As a code of guidance this book is complete as well as immutable: (6:116)

"The Laws of thy Rabb do find their fulfilment in truth and justice. None can change His Laws, for He is the One Who hears and knows every-thing".

iv) In it there are certain laws (the details of) which have been determined and for others guidance has been provided only in principle. The determined laws shall be enforced as such. As far as those laws are concerned where only the principles are given, an Islamic State shall frame details thereof staying within the parameters of these principles according to the needs of their time. These principles shall remain immutable but the rules framed under their guidance shall be liable to change in accordance with the exigencies of advancing times. This is the expedience, on the basis of which Allah did not determine the by-laws Himself. If it had so happened, these laws could not remain consistent with the exigencies of time, and that could render the working of the way of life prescribed by Him, impracticable. The Book that was intended to remain a code of guidance for all times and for all men, had to be thus, i.e. the principles should be immutable and detailed applicatory by-laws changeable with the change of time. Only this blend of permanence and change could keep the system permanently practicable through all times. This reality has been clarified by saying:(5:101-102)

"O you who believe! (what is necessary for the guidance of mankind has been given through revelation and is prescribed in the Quran). Do not probe into that which has not been revealed (because if We fix up their details, they shall become immutable. And when they shall not be able to cope with the needs of time, you shall be put into difficulty because you shall not be able to accomplish them). The same shall happen if We disclose such matters during the descent of revelation. Thus you should particularly keep it in mind; We forgive all that has happened before. You ought to be careful in future. If you had forgotten or had fallen into error, there is a scope in the Laws of Allah for forgiveness of failings in small matters. You are given the warning because before this a nation (Israelites) had started asking such questions (2:108). As a result they had put so many limitation and restrictions upon themselves that it became difficult for them to accomplish them and having been fed up with these details, they forsook the real 'Deen' itself. "

It is apparent that the commandments and laws determined in the Quran shall be put into practice gradually according to the conditions of the society, and thus the society shall be brought to the required standard step by step. But it shall not be allowed that you pick up some injunctions of the Quran according to your own liking and take these up along with other un-Quranic injunctions and name the mixture of these two as Islamic Code of Laws", this is also infidelity Kufar. The Jews also used to behave in that way, on account of which they were warned as follows: (2:85)

"Do you then believe in a part of the book and reject the rest But what shall be the recompense for those among you who behave like this, except disgrace in this life, and on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous chastisement".


 The duty of an Islamic Rule is: "To enforce what is lawful according to the Divine Law and prohibit what is unlawful."

It is said in Surah Hajj: (22:41)

"They are those who if we establish them in the land, establish the way of life consistent with the Divine Laws and provide nourishment to individuals, enjoin the right and forbid the wrong."

It means that it shall be the duty of the Islamic Rule to enforce by-laws of what the Quran considers right and forbid what it considers wrong. According to the Quran it is the duty of the entire Ummah. Allah says: (3:109)

"You are the Ummah raised for the good of all mankind. Your responsibility is to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong". This very Ummah is the inheritor of the Book of Allah (35:32)". It means that the law and order of the State (known as the government) is not limited to a part in it. The machinery that shall put it into shape has been left by the Quran to the discretion of the Ummah. It may take any form but its aim shall be that the entire Ummah shall take part in the working of the state's affairs _ i.e., all Muslims living within the boundaries of the State. Non-Muslims cannot take part in it because, it is the duty of the government comprising Muslims only to enforce the Divine Injunctions. How then, can those people who do not believe in these injunctions take part in its affairs!


 The system in which the entire Ummah takes part, is termed by the Quran 'a system by consultation' (42:38);

It has been ordained by Allah, that "in it, all affairs shall be settled by consultation." This system shall differ from the western system of democracy in which the nation or the representatives of a nation possess the comprehensive powers of law-making; in other words sovereignty belongs to the nation as a whole but in an Islamic Government the sovereignty belongs to (the Book of) Allah. Leaving aside the representatives of the people, even the entire nation has no right either to make laws against it, or bring about a change in it. The opponents of this system used to ask the Rasool: "If you could make a change in the Quran according to our liking we are ready to compromise with you". In answer to their demand Allah addresses the Rasool thus: (10:15)

"Say: It is not for me, to change it of my own accord. I follow not but what is revealed unto me. If I were to disobey my Rabb, even slightly, I am afraid of the punishment I shall receive according to the Law of Requital". It is apparent that when even the Rasool could not make any change in it at his own, how can anybody else be allowed to do so Now, as far as the system of majority and minority in a democratic system is concerned, it is apparent that since every matter shall have to be decided in accordance with the Quranic Injunctions, so the question of casting the votes does not arise. The concept that the decisions made by the majority are based on truth is false. The Rasool is addressed as follows: (6:117)

"If you were to follow the majority of the people in the land, they would lead you astray from the path of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture; they do nothing but indulge in their own surmises". The criterion to judge between right and wrong is not based on majority or minority, but on the Book of Allah. The representatives of the Ummah have got to conduct the State affairs, within the limits laid down in it. The truth cannot remain subject to the whims and wishes of the people. (23:71)

"If the truth had been in accord with their desire, truly the heavens and the earth and all beings therein would have been in confusion". Thus the people ought to obey the Truth, and Truth is the other name for the Holy Quran.

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