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Muslim Misery - Why?
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 3 November 2009, 4:05 pm

By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Monday, 2 November 2009, 7:37 pm
In Response To: Muslim intellectual infertility- treatment please? (Firasat)

Dear Firasat Bhai,

I will try to avoid using the first person singular as much as possible.

Having some reservations about your 3% magic figure, I agree with your diagnosis. Mullahism is primarily responsible for the Muslim misery around the world. Should we sit back and curse the darkness? I couldn’t and cannot.

A ten year old child could vividly see and foresee the malaise of the Ummah that has now reached its zenith. It was a plain observation of an uncontaminated, young mind in his daily life. Our homes, neighborhoods, schools, and Masjids were heavily infested with N2I (Number Two Islam) and, globally, a relentless pandemic of “Mullahpathy”. The Mullah doctrines had so widely infiltrated the Muslims that this little child had to constantly tell his elders, neighbors and teachers that unless something profound was done, we were racing towards doom.

If I go into the mechanics of it, my post will become too long. But we know by experience that Muslims living anywhere in the world, east or west, black, white, brown, wheat or yellow, are inflicted with incessant lassitude and lethargy. The local populations in non-Muslim countries have been pointing this out repeatedly.

I hear from my elders that the Hindus in India openly used to say that Muslims were lazy people. They lagged behind in education, skills, science, business, and banking- in fact, any field requiring intellect or manual dexterity. No wonder that even in the 18th and 19th centuries, Muslims of India were largely poor and illiterate, while the Hindus used to own businesses and held high posts in the government and private sectors. Most Muslims condemned themselves to blue collar jobs. They were chowkidars, laborers, coolies, water men, cobblers, barbers, and even monkey and snake charmers.

When a Muslim child learns through Ahadith that this world is a cadaver and its seeker is a dog, and another Hadith tells him that this world is a prison for the Muslim and a paradise for the “Kaafirs”, the motivation in his heart takes a serious blow. The false dogma is further strengthened when he learns that the paradise in the Hereafter is reserved only for Muslims, that reciting ‘alif laam meem’ gives him the reward of thirty good deeds. Then he loses interest in learning skills and in the betterment of the society.

You will see all around the world that it is the Muslim who does not value his word, keep his promise, and do justice to his duties. He easily forgets that the exalted Prophet (SAW) had said, “A person cannot be a believer if he does not speak the truth, fails to keep his promise, and fails to be trustworthy. Such a person is a hypocrite.”

Don’t we notice that Muslims are late for appointments, whether with a doctor, a bank, a friend's home or a ceremony? The entire month of Ramadan, he keeps making excuses of feeling exhausted. A slightly prosperous Muslim would keep running to Umrah which has become a status symbol. Even at Hajj, there is no semblance of human equality. The rich would stay in air conditioned lodgings, while the ordinary person would stay in hot tents and won’t have easy access even to water supply and toiletries.

That 10 year old child decided that when he grows up, he would try to bring about change in these dismal situations. In the interim, he was absorbing as much knowledge as possible. That child, Shabbir Ahmed, saying humbly, has been bringing his knowledge and experience into practice for the past 20+ years.

Alhamdulillah, with about 50 million Muslims in the world returning to the Quran and more than 16,000 non-Muslims seeing the Light since 2001, he is satisfied that he has been more than successful considering the limitations of one man.

Let our youngsters take lead from this experience. WALK THE TALK.

Thank you very much!