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Re: QXP ... Glorious God!
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 3 November 2009, 3:33 pm
In Response To: QXP ... Glorious God! (Andhika Widyarto)

Wa Salamun alaikum

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Other translations give the literal meanings but literal translation of the Qur'an will always be in error since the verses of the Book cannot be literally and accurately translated in any language. Translation of the meaning is the best approach.


Raheem (merciful) can be used for any human being.

Al-Raheem or Ar-Raheem (the Merciful) can be used only for God.

Yes, this is the only place in the Qur'an where the words RAUF (compassionate) & RAHEEM (merciful) have been used for the exalted Prophet or any other human being.

Best regards,

Dr. Shabbir

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