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Re: Super Crime
By:Jawaid Ahmed
Date: Tuesday, 27 October 2009, 2:21 pm
In Response To: Super Crime (Walter Mohammed Deen)

6:108 (O Believers) Do not insult the idols they set up besides God. They might insult God in their ignorance and hurt themselves. To every community We have made their deeds seem fair. Then unto their Lord is their return and He will tell them what they used to do.

I was on another website and I presented the pure Quranic message to a group of tusbih carrying, Zikr loving N2I “Muslims” and received a torrent of abuse similar to the two unfortunates on this site.

Many people are misled by their wrong beliefs and it is only through engaging them in an intellectual dialogue that any advance in understanding can be made. If they are wrong, then show them the error of their ways.

16:125 Call to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation. Reason with them most decently. Your Lord is best Aware of him who strays from His Path, and He is best Aware of the upright.
16:126 Hence, if you have to respond to an attack in argument, respond only to the extent of the attack leveled against you. But to bear with patience is indeed far better for the steadfast.
16:127 Endure then, with patience, always remembering that it is none but God Who gives you the strength to endure (O Prophet). Do not grieve over them, nor be distressed by the false arguments they contrive.
16:128 For, certainly, God is with the upright, and the benefactors of humanity.

Correctly understanding the Quran is the first step to becoming a true Muslim, the next step involves acting in a way that distinguishes you from the majority destined for hell. To do otherwise, to act like them, means we are just another one in a bad crowd.

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