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Re: Super Non-sense
By:Abdun Nur
Date: Monday, 26 October 2009, 10:33 pm
In Response To: Super Non-sense (Walter Mohammed Deen)

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

I don’t mind going to hell if Allah wishes it, but Allah would never condemn this honest intention, as this is how all are judge, even each one of you.

As for my dirty talents, if I have any talents, again Allah has gifted them to me, good or bad; all balances upon my intention once again, and my intention is pure, as is Brother Badar’s.

If you would be offended by the words of the Qur’an as these outraged Muslim say they are, please do not soil your mind with the Qur’an translated in to English, as Walter advices, it is all the same to me, remain as you are, hide from knowledge if you wish.

I wish each of you well in your search for truth.

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