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Does Allah Swear or need to?
Date: Monday, 26 October 2009, 5:13 pm

Dear all, here is some more to share. Please, contemplate does Our Rabb need to swear? If so why? We swear or take an oath by invoking someone or something trustworthy. Does our Rabb really need to swear. If so, who is more trustworthy than he, himself to invoke upon?

Traditional translations added, just for easy of comparison. No intention to belittle others understanding or beliefs.


(Historically: The fig)

(Traditionally understood as ‘the fig’. At-tin does not have the meaning of Fig. In fact it is a combination. Waw Alif, Wa, usually translated by Lane as alas. defined as, ‘how miserable and weary.’ or ‘unfortunate and regrettable’, and it is followed by the word ‘latin’, not the word ‘tin’, meaning, bruised and broken into small particles.)

Surah 95: 1 وَالتِّينِ وَالزَّيْتُونِ
How miserable and weary, are the ones bruised and broken into small particles; and the ones lasting in this state for a very large unspecified number of years.

Tahir ul Qadri انجیر کی قَسم اور زیتون کی قَسم

Yousuf Ali By the Fig and the Olive,

Surah 95: 2 وَطُورِ سِينِينَ
And a state and condition like a certain tree.

Tahir ul Qadri اور سینا کے (پہاڑ) طور کی قَسم

Yousuf Ali And the Mount of Sinai,

Surah 95: 3 وَهَذَا الْبَلَدِ الْأَمِينِ
And, your companions, lagging behind in my realm; then became confounded, perplexed and unable to see the right course. Such ones should take charge over this; to be trusted and confided with power, authority, control and to take charge of affairs (within my realm).

Tahir ul Qadri اور اس امن والے شہر (مکہ) کی قَسم

Yousuf Ali And this City of security

Surah 95: 4 لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ فِي أَحْسَنِ تَقْوِيمٍ
Assuredly, we measured and proportioned them to become sociable, companionable, friendly and amicable; with best, beautiful and somewhat large, exceptionally good, calculations.

Tahir ul Qadri بیشک ہم نے انسان کو بہترین (اعتدال اور توازن والی) ساخت میں پیدا فرمایا ہے

Yousuf Ali We have indeed created man in the best of moulds

Surah 95: 5 ثُمَّ رَدَدْنَاهُ أَسْفَلَ سَافِلِينَ
After that, they reject and repel us, and return back time after time, to be amongst who are the lowest of the low, and the meanest of the mean.

Tahir ul Qadri پھر ہم نے اسے پست سے پست تر حالت میں لوٹا دیا

Yousuf Ali Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low,-

Surah 95: 6 إِلَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ فَلَهُمْ أَجْرٌ غَيْرُ مَمْنُونٍ
Except such ones, who have become safe, secure and tranquil in heart and mind; and worked and laboured to be in this state of order, by being incorruptible, just and honest. Therefore, for them is recompense and reward for what they have done (physically acting), other than what they mediate in their mind (thought about without physically acting).

Tahir ul Qadri سوائے ان لوگوں کے جو ایمان لائے اور نیک عمل کرتے رہے تو ان کے لئے ختم نہ ہونے والا (دائمی) اجر ہے

Yousuf Ali Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: For they shall have a reward unfailing

Surah 95: 7 فَمَا يُكَذِّبُكَ بَعْدُ بِالدِّينِ
What then, if you give an untrue account or relations of things, weather intentionally or unintentionally; even after you are removed a distance from my customs and traditions?

Tahir ul Qadri پھر اس کے بعد کون ہے جو آپ کو دین (یا قیامت اور جزا و سزا) کے بارے میں جھٹلاتا ہے

Yousuf Ali Then what can, after this, contradict thee, as to the judgment (to come)?

Surah 95: 8 أَلَيْسَ اللَّهُ بِأَحْكَمِ الْحَاكِمِينَ
These are not acting for One who is not illah (God). Be with the most qualified and most knowing of the judges; prevented and restrained from acting in an evil, corrupt manner, or from doing what you lust.

Tahir ul Qadri کیا اﷲ سب حاکموں سے بڑا حاکم نہیں ہے

Yousuf Ali Is not Allah the wisest of judges?

Abdun Nur

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