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Date: Monday, 26 October 2009, 10:48 am

Salam all,

Here is a lesson for some in the classic Arabic language: The word “Alaq-un” is a noun—and not just a noun but a collective noun. More commonly this word is used in its infinitive noun form—meaning something that clings/attaches/hangs on to something. There are some other nouns from the same root word “alaqa” as well (e.g., ilqun, alqun, ulqun, ulooq etc, but they are not relevant here).

The meaning “Alaq” as “congealed/clotted” blood does not fit in 96:2 either. Its root meaning must self-contain the import of “hanging” (we are all familiar with the passive participle “Mu’allaq” which everyone knows means “suspended”, something quite unrelated to “blood clot” or “congealed blood). Thus the meaning of the collective noun must be derived from its root, viz-a-viz hanging/clinging/attaching. There is another closely related word “Alaqah” in the Arabic language—which means “leech”. Now how do the leeches suck blood? By “clinging” to the tissue, right?

With this new meaning in mind, go and read any good embryology book and see the “leech that clings” in it. I am not talking about the 7th Century AC but the 21st Century knowledge found in the Book of God—you can call it ancient, I call it ever-green. In fact, it was this word (alaq and its ‘clinging’ meaning that surprised Dr. Keith Moore many years at the Toronto University.

Many Ulema will start defending “the congealed blood” or “blood clot” but the “Ulema” are not the right folks to ask about the Qur’an or its in-depth meanings of the Qur’anic wisdom. Allah said “Ask the “Ahl adhdhikr” if you don’t know”. The Ahl Adhdhikr are the ones who study the Qur’an with diligence and with the sincerity and purity of hearts that fills their hearts. Beware of the charlatans—and the ignorant translators who copied what they found written in the rusted files.

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