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Hadith magic vs. Dr.Zakir Naik's intellect
By:Faisal Iftikhar
Date: Sunday, 25 October 2009, 12:29 am

The magic of Bukhari or Sahi Muslim or other hadith collectors has been inflicting the minds of mullahs for centuries and surprisingly, it seems to inflict brilliant Dr.Zakir Naik with the same intensity now. In one of his lectures over the issue of Indian-Muslim Tennis Star wearing shorts and playing Tennis, Dr.Zakir Naik who dislikes cricket anyway since he considers it a waste of time (he expressed his ideas on cricket in one of his past lectures) has declared all the muslim cricketers sinners as they dont offer their ritual prayers (for which Zakir Naik uses the word Salah)while playing a full day cricket.
Dr. Zakir Naik says in his lecture over the issue of Sania Mirza wearing shorts and playing Tennis that all those cricketers who play cricket all day along without offering their (Namaz)salah prayers are bigger sinners than Indian-Muslim Tennis star who wears shorts particularly for playing Tennis. In order to strengthen this Non-Islamic (Non-Quranic) claim, Dr.Zakir Naik refers to the famous and so called authentic book of Hadith "Sahi Muslim" and says that according to this Hadith in Sahi Muslim, the biggest sin after Shirk (Idol Worship) is not offering Salah (Namaz) so all those cricketers who play cricket without offering their Namaz are bigger sinners than Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza who although wears shorts but at least offers Namaz.
What a logic. This is a great example of how the magic of Hadith which were written and collected some 200 years after the demise of exalted prophet inflicts even brilliant minds like Dr.Zakir. I think, it would be an interesting question to ask that did Hadith writers themselves offer 5 ritual prayers?
In other words, Dr.Zakir Naik has declared hundreds of professional muslim cricketers committing haram who have played cricket since 1940 or 1950. if one carefully analyzes Dr.Zakir's conjecture, one will lead to these logical conclusion. (1) Any such activity must be discouraged or considered Haram that will keep a muslim from offering ritual prayers even if that activity is itself Halal". But the question is that does Deen or Quran say all that? Deen certainly wants no hardship for its followers. As far as aforementioned Hadith, if not offering Namaz is the 2nd biggest sin after Shirk then what about Murder, Rape, Robbery, Theft, Human Rights Violation and other similar gross acts? Despite stressing the importance of understanding Quran in one's own language rather than reading in Arabic and despite giving most refrences from Quran during his lecture, Dr. Zakir Naik in his lectures somehow equalizes Hadith with Quran in an explicit or implicit manner whether it's preaching Hijab or Beard or whether it's declaring the act of not offering namaz the biggest sin after Shirk.
Conclusion: Despite the fact that Dr.Zakir Naik is an intelligent scholar and a great debator with a wonderful memory and thousands of arguments, he couldn't keep himself from becomig a staunch follower of hand-written Hadith (collected 200 years after the demise of Exalted Prophet) and man-made Sharia. This is the magic of Hadith-writers and Mullaism that sometimes renders the reasoning and logic of even intelligent scholars flawed whether that reasoning and logic is given by Zakir Naik or some other Mullah.

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Hadith magic vs. Dr.Zakir Naik's intellect
Faisal Iftikhar -- Sunday, 25 October 2009, 12:29 am
Re: Hadith magic vs. Dr.Zakir Naik's intellect
Mehnaz -- Sunday, 25 October 2009, 2:43 am