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Re: Hadith? What Hadith?
Date: Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 5:35 am
In Response To: Re: Hadith? What Hadith? (irfan)

A lady called Bint Waleed is the one who said that “No hadith can ever contradict the Qura'n, can you point out one?"

Bint Waleed is one of the most radical N2Is I have ever encountered, and her views haven’t changed one bit since I last debated with her around 6 years ago. I remember first locking horns with her in 2002. She was in Kaukab Siddique’s coterie. I was very young then and my arguments were not very robust, but in tandem with Shahid Mahmud, I nonetheless managed to breach her defenses regularly. All she could always do was to come back with the same lame and laughable arguments; she couldn’t debate even with a kid! I gave up trying to convince her after about a year of haggling. Not at all surprised to know that she still retains all her N2I panache and goes about with the same aplomb. It leads me to think that many N2Is like Bint Waleed and Kaukab Siddique are unwilling to change not because of their inability to see the rational truth, but rather their excessive egos that prevent them from getting rid of their shells.

Seven years are perhaps enough for rocks to soften, but not enough for people like Bint Waleed to change.


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