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"Rationalism" badly needed in Pakistan
By:Faisal Iftikhar
Date: Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 1:49 am

In the war of 1965, a brave soldier and army officer "Major Raja Aziz Bhatti" who right after the war was declared the 3rd Nishan-e-Haider of Pakistan" stood for 3 consecutive days & nights at BRB Canal without having adequate sleep and offered a wonderful resistence to the Indian forces that was way too stiffer than what Indian army officers could ever imagine. This brave army officer due to this legendary role in the war of 1965 prevented a highly expected conquest of the Lahore city. And undoubtedly, it was Major Bhatti who deserved such a great honor "Nishan-e-Haider. But I congratulate the staunch followers of irrationalism in Paksitan with all the depth of my heart who instead of recognizing and appreciating the talent and efforts of great soldiers like Major Aziz Bhatti' transfer all the credit of victory and saving Lahore city to their imaginary Masters of Miracles (The Saints). Yes! it is true that even till today, it is believed by some people in Pakistan and from Pakistan that during the war of 1965, some saints dressed in white shinning clothes were seen appearing in the middle of the way and what was also seen that they were simply catching the "Tank(Canon) Balls" fired by the Indian Tanks in order to keep them from blowing off and that these well dressed saints in white clothes or coffins prevented many explosions and firing which might otherwise have taken place on Pakistani army.
In my humble opinion, such absurdities or irrationality is the biggest insult to human intellect as they destroy our young children's ability to think rationaly when they grow up. This is one example of how our mullah driven society makes mockery of human intellect, rationality and Deen.
I have personally heard people telling this story of well dressed saints catching "Tank Bombs" into their hands. If we rationally think about it, one can be urged by his instincts to come up with such rationally based questions! "This war took place in 1965 but just after 6 years of this war, the war of 1971 took place in which General Nyazi of Pakistan surrendered to General Arora of India. The thought provoking and mind blowing question now should be that where those well dressed saints were at that time? Why didn't they appear in 1971 to destroy the Indian artillery? In fact, they were badly needed in the war of 1971 as 90,000 Paki soldiers became India's prisoners in result of our defeat. (Well, may be "the well dressed saints" didn't appear because they didn't have transportation to arrive at the battlefield). Where those saints were in the most decisive battle in the history of Subcontinent "The Battle of Srirangapatam" fought in 1799 in order to catch the "canon balls" fired by British canons. (May be, they didn't appear because "Tipu Sultan" strictly told them not to).
The issue that I am trying to address in this post is that blind following, irrationality, simply believing absurd stories that we read and hear and the total absence of modern concepts of Rationalism and Logical Reasoning in our school syllabus in Pakistan has made our minds gullible, has put our judgement out of focus and most importantly has made majority of our people the strong believers of Miracles.
The story that I have discussed in this post relates to the events of 1965 and this was the decade during which the great pilot Neil Armstrong was preparing to take first step on the Moon.
I firmly believe that in our Islamic societies, we need either innovation or reformation. We need to change the entire system of preaching and teaching religion. We are perhaps the nations most in need of becoming familiarized with the concepts of Cause and Effect, Deductive Reasoning and Rationalism. These concepts should be included in our school syllabus which are the ultimate source of learning for our kids. And of course, we need to become disbelievers. Disbelievers of what??? Mullahism and Mircales of Sufis.

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"Rationalism" badly needed in Pakistan
Faisal Iftikhar -- Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 1:49 am
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