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Re: My husband (To Abdun Nur)
By:Abdun Nur
Date: Monday, 19 October 2009, 7:33 pm
In Response To: Re: My husband (To Abdun Nur) (Arif Shamim)

Salaam Arif,

I have the view almost all the self professing Muslims in the world are not Muslim, as I do not view a Muslim as a religious belief, it is purely based upon physical action, as a religious Muslim yourself, the first thing you do is accuse me of slander, of the Qur’anic message, I see the slander of the Qur’anic message at every turn, while you are oblivious, as all religious Muslims are.

These questions you ask to be answered, from my experience of religious Muslims, they have a predetermined view, that is fixed, no matter what evidence is piled upon the issue, please defend your belief in multiple marriage, without ambiguity and conjecture, and without as you stated previously, with a complete misunderstanding of the phrase ‘except what has already happened in the past.’.

Please if you wish to marry 4 women feel free, you can marry 5 as far as I’m concerned, marry a man if you want, I do not care, but it is not Islamic, it is not even important to me if you think it Islamic, the propagation of the multiple marriage view is your slander of the Qur’anic message, all life is a short span in this world, so consider these religious views you propagate as they will certainly return to haunt you.

I’ll ask you this, if Allah wished men to have more than a single wife, why are the number of girl, and boy babies almost equal, slightly more male babies are born because, many girl babies are terminated for cultural reasons of barbarism?

I realise you will dismiss physical evidence out of hand, as only religion fills your view, ‘reason’ is the basis of every true Muslim.

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