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My Wife - To be deleted, Moderators
By:Hafiz Kaukab, Balam
Date: Sunday, 18 October 2009, 11:45 am

Dear forum members,

Koki, my wife, has been complaining about me on the forum. I think it is time for me to respond. The Mullahs here only make things difficult.

She is beautiful but after the birth of her daughter ---you know what. I said “her daughter” because I am not sure. She does not obey me at all although I am her Qawwam... master in-charge ... Quraan.

Instead of doing sin, I should be right. The only other choice for me is to divorce her.

Most big imams and scholars say it is alright. Let me copy-paste Koki’s writing on the forum.

…. [Bukhari Vol 2 Pg 729 Kitab ul Tafseer, chapter 597, Hadith 1641]
“Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Umar was reciting the Quran. When he reached verse 2:223, he asked Naafe if he knew the application of this verse. Then he went on to explain: Your women are your fields, therefore go to your fields as you please. If you wish, go into her …....”
Why does the original Arabic text leave a blank space here?

[Amdatil Qari, Tafseer il Bukhari, explanation of verse 2:223]
Imaam Abu Suleman Jozjani told Muhammad bin Saad: I was in the company of Imaam Maalik. Imaam Maalik was asked, “Can a man do it in the rear with his wives?” Maalik struck his head with his hand and replied, “O Fools! I am coming directly from bath after doing that. Don’t you read in the Quran that your wives are your fields - go into them as you please?”

[Vol 3 Pg 52 Book of Nikah, #34]
The Rasul pboh used to visit all nine of his wives every night. On the other hand, Bukhari repeatedly narrates that the Prophet used to stand at prayers all night, so much so that his feet used to swell.

[Vol 1 Pg 189, Book of Bath #266 -To have sex with many women with only one bath]
The Rasul pboh used to have intercourse with all of his wives in one hour of the day and night without taking a bath and these wives were eleven (not nine).

[Allama Khateeb Baghdadi wrote in his Tareekh]
'Imam' Malik and 'Imam' Shafi'i used to have unnatural sex with their wives quoting, "Your wives are your fields." (Gharaib Fil Tahqiqil Mazahib).


Hazrat Umar said, "O Messenger of Allah! I destroyed myself last night! I turned my ride face down." The Messenger pboh said that it was alright…..

Koki must obey me in all matters, wear naqab and hijab if not burqa and stop meeting with men especially Zina Khan.

Zina Khan: I never heard this name before but Koki is a fast friend of a man Zina Khan. When someone asks him, he says that he is a woman from Arabia and Zina means Zinat. Does any one have this name in Arabia? Shame and God's curse be on him. If he was a girl and his parents kept this name, they could have spelled it as ZEENAT. Zina Khan, Laanat on you and your prostitute father mother!

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