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Re: About Dogs
Date: Saturday, 17 October 2009, 9:01 am
In Response To: Re: About Dogs (Jawaid Ahmed)

LOL@Jawaid :D :D :D

As kids, we used to steadfastly hurl stones at stray dogs, thinking that we would earn rewards as a result. One guy who unerringly hit the dogs was hailed as the group's Jonty Rhodes. In fact I suspect that he used that practice to become an excellent fielder! (He is also an Our Beacon follower now, and will be laughing when he reads this :D).

For the same incentive of earning rewards, we used to kill chameleons with slingshots wherever we spotted them, for the story goes that it was a chameleon that directed the Quraish towards the cave where the Prophet and Hazrat Abu Baker were hiding. It was upon us, we were told, to avenge the chameleon’s wrongdoing. Conversely, we were asked never to kill spiders, as it was a spider that saved the Prophet and Hazrat Abu Bakr by weaving a web at the entrance of the cave.

See how the N2I philosophy has managed to turn even innocent kids into violent perpetrators that hurt animals for no reason? No wonder some of the same kids grow up and hurt their innocent fellow men, Muslim or non-Muslim, for no justified reason.


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