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The World According To The West
By:K.I. Bajwa
Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2009, 6:22 am

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MIND THE GAP: The World According To The West BY BAHER KAMAL

IDN-InDepthNews Service

(IDN) - Before, the Taliban were good because they were fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, with the backing and the weapons of the West.

After, the Taliban were bad because they wanted to rule their own country by their own selves.

Now the Taliban are very bad because they do not let the West have full control over the Afghanistan they managed to free from the Soviets.

Before, Pakistan was good because it was supporting the Taliban and the Taliban were fighting the Soviets.

After, Pakistan was bad because it was not fighting the Taliban after they chased the Soviets.

Now Pakistan is good again, because it fights them and lets the U.S. use its territory, as a field camp against the Taliban -- be they the Taliban of Pakistan or the Taliban of Afghanistan.

Before, Afghan appointed president Hamid Karazi was good because he was always getting along with Western plans.

Now he is bad because he sealed alliances with ‘warlords’, many of them allied with the Taliban, thus not facilitating the Western game.

Before, Iran was good because the Shah was an ally and would buy many weapons from the West and transforme his country in a huge arms warehouse full of Western weaponry.

After, Ayatollah Khomeini was also good because he would counter-balance the Arabs’ growing weigh based on oil.

Later on, Iran was bad because it neither threatens the Arabs, at least not enough, nor does it buy weapons from the West. Mind you, present Iran is the same Islamic Republic that Khomeini founded with Western blessing, but it was no longer good.

Now Iran is about to be very good, as it allows foreign inspectors, a high number of them coming from the West, to check its ‘secret’ nuclear facility in Qom. Iran has also offered that the uranium it needs could be enriched abroad.

Tomorrow Iran might be very bad for Western powers if its trusts the uranium enrichment to Russia.

Before, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was good, because he was buying weapons to fight Khomeini’s Islamic Republic of Iran that the West had previously blessed.

After, Iraq was bad because Saddam Hussein was not serving the Western power game any longer.

Now Iraq is neither good nor bad -- it is just there, to do with it whatever the West may deem convenient, free oil exploitation included.

Before, Libya was bad, because its leader Moammar Ghaddafi was not easy to handle and wanted to have his own nuclear programme.

Now Ghaddafi is good because he decided to enrich his uranium abroad and opened the doors to substantive Western investments.

Lately Ghaddafi was very good -- enough indeed to be invited to a G8 dinner.

Before, the Palestinian Authority was bad because its late president Yasser Arafat was insisting too much on his people rights.

Now the Palestinian Authority is good because its chief Mahmoud Abbas does all what the West tells him to do.

Before, Yemen was good because it would chase the Soviet military and be considered as an ally of the West in its so-called war on terrorism, and would buy Western weapons.

Now Yemen is bad because of untold reasons--it wants to become more and more autonomous.

Before, Somalia was good because it was extremely open to exploitation by Western corporations.

Later on, Somalia was bad because it was escaping the full control of the West, whose military interventions have failed. It was also bad because the Islamic Tribunals were ruling it.

Now Somalia is good because of the same reason as above -- the head of Islamic Tribunals is its current president.

If you are not Western, would you know where does you country stand now? And tomorrow? (By arrangement with GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES** | IDN-InDepthNews/08.10.09)

2009 IDN-InDepthNews Service

* Baher Kamal is an Egyptian-born Spanish national, veteran journalist and writer, with long professional experience in the Middle East, North of Africa and Europe. Baher is on the editorial board of IDN-InDepthNews.

**This article appears in October issue of GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, a monthly magazine for international cooperation, produced by Global Cooperation Council in partnership with IPS-Inter Press Service Europa.