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Pak Army's Patriotism
By:Hussain Khan
Date: Monday, 12 October 2009, 4:37 pm
In Response To: 'American Quran' by Sandow Birk (Umar)

Pak Army Patriotism demostrated in opposing Kerry-Lugar Bill
American Stooge Pak Government Attempt To Replace Army Chief Failed
Instead of Goodwill,The Aid Bill Created More Hatred against America in Pakistan

President Zardari instructed his People's Party leaders to counter forcefully any opposition to the Kerry-Lugar Bill. But Pak media, army, political parties, all opposed it vehemently, regarding it as an insult to our national honor and dignity and encrouchment against Pakistan's sovereignity. No one was ready to accept the strings attached with the American aid of 1.5 billion dollar yearly for 5 years totalling 7.5 billion dollars. Representatives of Mr. 10% criticized Pak army and the Prime Minister labelled it as a conspiracy to derail democracy for the 2nd time, and maybe secretly tried to replace the Pak army chief. Failing that, the American stooge government had to bow down to save themselves from being thrown out of power and chose to assure Pak army that it will reject the controversial clauses of the bill in the Pak Parliament.

Regards, Hussain Khan, Tokyo

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