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Re: God wants no worship
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Monday, 12 October 2009, 4:02 pm
In Response To: God wants no worship (Dr Qamar Zaman)

WA, dear Doctor Saheb,

I graduated from LMC, Jamshoro in 1968. I had a wonderful class-fellow from Lahore and his name was Qamar-uz-Zaman. When I was serving in the KSA in the 1970s, he was working in Lybia. We have lost contact for several years now. What a great friend he has been!

Please tell me how you are able to carry on such revolutionary work in Pakistan. Or, do you live abroad?

You are right. Allah does not need our worship. He wants us to fulfill human rights.

14:7 And recall! Your Lord proclaimed, “If you are grateful (establishing a system where everyone equitably receives the provision), I will give you more. But if you show ingratitude, then My retribution is certainly dire.”

14:8 And Moses said, “If you deny the truth and show ingratitude, you and all on earth together, know that God is absolutely Free of want, Worthy of all praise.” [He is in no need of your worship]

May Allah guide us and continue to grant us success in our sincere endeavors.


Dr. Shabbir

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