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Re: About Dogs
By:Sister Mehgan
Date: Sunday, 11 October 2009, 12:35 am
In Response To: Re: About Dogs (shahalam)

Asalaamu alaykum,
Jazak Allah khayr for mentioning dogs. I have a little dog for the past 6 years, I reverted to Islam when he was just a puppy and oh wow! did the pressure begin for me to get rid of him from N2I. I left the masjid in tears for having to listen and be berated for taking care of my dog and letting him live in my home and sleep on my bed. Geez you think I was housing the Shaytan for all the verbal beatings I took. I kept my dog and he actually came to work with me every single shift, I work in a group home with developmentally disabled clients and they loved him and he brought them so much joy. Due to my chronic health issue and my 60+ hour a work week I did have to have my dog go live at my mom and dad's. One of my clients died and our new client was afraid of dogs so my little dog suddenly became "unemployed". :) My parents live an hour away and were able to take him and he is so spoiled there and loved so much! I never understood how someone could say dogs are dirty and that angels will never enter the home with a dog(but they entered the cave in the Qur'an obviously). Thank you again for posting about the wonderful little companions called dogs. :)
Ma'a salaama,

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