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Re: Burka, a security risk?
Date: Saturday, 10 October 2009, 12:01 pm
In Response To: Burka, a security risk? (Bint Waleed)

Considering the dozens of thefts committed by burqa-clad women (who are actually criminals going incognito) in the busy marketplaces of the sub-continent, you have to admit that the burqa is indeed a security threat.

The burqa has outlived its importance. It might have been necessary in some societies earlier, but today it creates a phony and cumbersome wall between the sexes, who need to intermingle in the fields of education and business. Muslim society is all the poorer for the absence of bright female minds in these fields. And, as anyone who has lived in the Middle East will testify, the strict separation of the sexes has only lead to myriad social evils. In this society the only use of the burqa now is to make it a tool to make the women believe that they were, are, and will remain inferior creatures. For an exposition on this, please try to catch the brilliant videos of Saudi women’s right activist Wajiha Al Huwaider on the net.


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