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Smoking, tatoos and other prohibited encounters
Date: Friday, 9 October 2009, 5:02 pm

AA to all who reads and replies.

Having recently thought about some things regarding Islam and everyday culture in a western secular country.
What is the Islamic perspective on topics such as smoking, tattoo's and parties?

I've heard several views in regards to smoking.
Some have told me that smoking isn't "haram", others have told me it is.
I've been said that because the world didn't know of cancer at the age of revelation. Smoking cigars/cigarretes therefore technically isn't illegal.
But I find that last statement silly primarily because the Al-Quran is a book of all times.

Does smoking of nicotine go under the term of any intoxicants as being prohibited?

And what about tattoo's?
I know for one that in Morocco, it actually was a custom once for people from the riff tribes. Women in particular who would have a vertical lined tattoo'd at the cliff of their chin.
We call them berbers in Denmark. I think it is the same as a Bedouin, but I'm unsure to be honest.
Regardless, it used to be custom Islamic until some Imam who's name I do not know deemed it haram according to Islamic standards.

Is it considered damaging your body to have your body tattoo'd?
I can understand that having a picture might lead to idolising and polytheism.
But what if its just text? Or is it the symbolic value of a tattoo that makes it bad according to Islamic standards?

And lastly.
What about parties. Living Islamic in a non-Islamic society.
Standard culture amongst the youth in Denmark is partying.
But I've always wondered if attending was a bad thing or not.
I can understand it because temptation of intoxicants and lust would make it a bad place to hang out.
But for those whom have full control of themselves. Should they avoid such places?

I'm sorry for seemingly "inappropriate" questions.
I hope some of you will take your time to answer.

Best Regards

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Smoking, tatoos and other prohibited encounters
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