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About Dogs
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Friday, 9 October 2009, 4:11 pm


There is hardly an area which the IMAMISM has left unscathed.

01. The Qur’an does NOT condemn any of God's creation and dog is no exception. Surah 18 in fact portrays a dog as a wonderful companion of some outstanding believers in refuge.
02. The Book condemns nothing but certain human attitudes.
03. It is interesting to note that while the Old Testament goes on to state that you shall not touch the carcass of the swine the Qur’an limits its prohibition to eating the swine-flesh.
04. The Hadith literature has some extremely humane examples such as:

All creation is the family of God, so you shall be kind to them all.
There is great reward for you in the kind treatment of any animal.
A man was awarded paradise because he watered a thirsty dog.
A woman deserved hell because she used to torture a cat.

The Fabricated Ahadith: Could the exalted Prophet have said or done the following?
01. The Prophet (S) ordered all dogs to be killed.
02. The exalted Prophet ordered all black dogs to be killed.
03. If you are praying and a donkey, a woman or a dog passes in front, the prayer is nullified.
04. Angels of mercy do not enter a home wherein there is a dog.
05. The crow, rat, scorpion, eagle, a biting dog are all "sinful" animals! Kill them even around the Masjid of Security in Makkah.

A Hadithi Compromise: (The exalted prophet said that) dogs are allowed as pets for hunting, guarding sheep and guarding the crops.

The Cultural Impact: In the East we see stray dogs running after people, barking all night probably because of hunger, insecurity, lack of training, hormonal effects and torture with sticks and stones. Spaying and neutering are rare things, hence, coupling on the street is common and people hate and strike them “for committing sin”. Poverty in the East precludes people from helping animals. They also hate stray dogs for bites and Rabies. It is a common thought that whatever a dog touches becomes unclean. “If it touches your clothes, you can’t pray.”

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