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Re: Burka, a security risk?
By:Mike Ghouse
Date: Thursday, 8 October 2009, 8:16 pm
In Response To: Burka, a security risk? (Bint Waleed)

Canada should not ban Burqa.

We must support freedom over imposition.
To save the women from oppression of one kind,
The Muslim Canadian congress is pushing the other oppression;
denial of the right of women who genuinely want to wear the Burqa.

Societies do not change overnight; let the change happen in the open market,
Let MCC compete with the Wahhabis and educate the Muslims otherwise.
What if the Wahhabis gain the influence?
Turn MCC reccomendation upside down?

Solutions should be sought through freedom and education.
We certainly should oppose any compulsion on women; left or right.

I do understand and acknowledge that Burqa is not a religious requirement.
But I stand opposed to MCC's stand to ban the Burqa,
and request them to reconsider their eagerness to prevail.
Let the freedom prevail, that is the essence of Islam
There should be no compulsion, there is great wisdom in it.

Opinion is my own,
you are welcome to your opinion at:


Mike Ghouse

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