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Re: Raising kids in Islam
By:Hicham Mouna, Denmark
Date: Thursday, 8 October 2009, 5:57 pm
In Response To: Raising kids in Islam (A MOM In The M.E.)

I find it extremely respectable to see that a Muslim woman can raise her children in such a manner.

There has been many days where I have pondered about the day I myself will one day have kids.

And one of the bigger questions was always how to raise them properly.

I myself was raised purely N2I.

It even came to a point where I stopped believing in Islam due to the fact that I couldn't make sense of it all.
I never lost faith in God, but I lost my track in the road of life following N2I. And that is something I wouldn't want to happen for my children in the future.


I'm glad to have stumbled upon Dr. Shabbir's work.
And I am even more happy to stumble upon personalities such as yours that show the true way of Islam.
Everyday my faith gets stronger, and I get more concious about my ways and Allah.

Thank you for sharing this post. It was joy to read.

I usually don't reply much to the topics on the board. But I always read almost all of them!

Please tell your children to be careful in your given society!
They are truly bright ones, I wouldn't want you and your family to end up in turmoil.

Best Regards

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