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Date: Tuesday, 6 October 2009, 9:55 am

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

السلام عليکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ
Peace be upon you

TV Channel "DAWN NEWS" starting a new documentary series "THE STATE OF SHARIA"
TV Channel "DAWN NEWS" is starting a new documentary series "THE STATE OF SHARIA" discussing the political ideology of Islam. This will be aired on DAWN NEWS on October 2009 starting from 7th October at 8:30 PM. The repeat timings are Thursday 2:30 PM. The timings for Dubai are 7th October 6:30 PM and USA 10:30 EST.

The documentary includes interviews with:

Dr. Israr Ahmed
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
Maajid Nawaaz
Zaid Hamid

and more. We also take a look at how the life of common Muslims are affected by the political philosophy.

InshaAllah zaid sahab will be on in the second episode onwards and there will be a total of 7 episodes and zaid sahab will be appearing in all of them. It is an excellent documentary. May ALLAH put more barakah in our Mission, inshaAllah.

Kerry-Luger bill for Pakistan criticized internationally
If Pakistan genuinely requires economic support, then it doesn’t have to enslave itself to the American Zionists on disgraceful terms. Our Muslim brothers have offered us support without humiliating our Nation or buying our sovereignty. The Question is that are our leaders MAN enough to do the RIGHT thing?

“The Kerry-Lugar aid Bill, which promises 1.5 billion dollars of annual assistance to Pakistan over the next five years, has been receiving flak from different quarters in the country is criticizing now Renewed Islamic Personality's of world.”


Pakistan Army orders inquiry into Internet beating clip
The man getting the superficial beating was a throat slitting terrorist preparing young minds for suicide bombings. Army would be demoralizing its troops if it talks about any inquiry It was NOT abuse by any standards. They were not even subjected to first degree! This is more than OK in a war zone where a battle is being fought and men are dying. ISPR should stop being apologetic here. if anyone has any doubt about brutality of TTP terrorists being questioned, just watch some video clips of beheadings and throat slittings by these TTP animals.

“The Pakistan Army has ordered an inquiry into a video clip posted online that apparently shows members of the security forces beating up suspected militants, the army spokesman said on Saturday. The 10-minute clip, widely circulated on the Internet, shows men in army uniforms questioning at least four suspects in turn, before pushing them to the ground and kicking and whipping the detainees. “We have ordered a detailed investigation into this incident,” Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Major-General Athar Abbas said. “The inquiry is underway and the culprits will face stern action if [the abuse is] proven.”


India to station all MiG 29s along Pak border
It seems that another Mumbai type drama is being planned. Indians are ithcing for a war and By Allah, we are ready for it. They will start it and InshAllah, we shall finish it for them!!!

“To beef up air defence capabilities and react in quickest possible time along the international border with Pakistan, the Indian Air Force has decided to station all its MiG 29 squadrons at Adampur, the second largest Air Force base in the country.”


‘Crew of Indian airliner slug it out in Pakistani airspace’
Comedy in mid air :)) slumdog nation just cant get over their sickness :)) Just being close to Pakistan make them nervous :)))

“Air India said on Sunday it was investigating allegations of a mid-air brawl in which pilots and cabin crew were reported to have exchanged blows in front of startled passengers. The incident took place over Pakistan on an Air India flight from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi after a female attendant accused the pilots of sexually harassing her...”


Criticism of Afghan vote muzzled, says fired diplomat
A comprehensively fraud elections and sham democracy in Afghanistan as in Pakistan.

“A US diplomat fired in Afghanistan said on Sunday the United Nations not only ignored massive fraud in the August election but also told him to keep quiet, then dissembled about his firing. Peter Galbraith, former deputy to UN special envoy Kai Eide, wrote in Sunday’s Washington Post that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s final instruction before firing him last week was: “Do not talk to the press.”


جزاک اللہ خیراً

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