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Free translation
Date: Thursday, 1 October 2009, 8:13 pm

AA Dear Dr. Shabbir.

I was with a very good friend of mine and we had a talk about you and your works.

I was telling him about this "alternative" view of Islam compared to N2I (which is pretty much the only view of Islam in Denmark) and how you took the liberty of calling me from the US when i was ordering your works.
We both found it quite astonishing to be honest with you. Its few people that would actually do that.

Regardless, he and i both are looking forward to reading your book.
But what had struck my mind at an earlier time and what he suggested today had an impact on me.

I had earlier considered doing a free-translation of your QXP (naturally over many months, i cannot do it full-time with studies on the side) in hopes of somehow
promoting your work here in Denmark. My friend today suggested that i ask you, if the two of us would be allowed to try our hands at this.

It would be quite a fun/interesting project. And with the book translated, it would be easier to have an article/book review printed on the local newspapers.

I have long been wanting to introduce this view of Islam to someone, as i at the moment feel like, i am the muslim over here who knows of you and your work!

It is all just a thought.
Bringing it to life requires quite the dedication.
So i figured it would be better to start asking you of your opinion on the matter.
Then i can start bringing the project to life afterwards.

13:17 ........... [The real existence on earth is of the person or system that benefits humanity]

Best Regards

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