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Br. Razi & Sr. UmeAimon - Muwatta
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Saturday, 26 September 2009, 9:16 pm



Respected Sister UmAimon & Brother Razi,

Muslims in Spain used to establish only Congregational Salat on Fridays.

About Arab Muslims not understanding the Qur'an, please see Preface to the QXP.

41:44 If We had made it a non-Arabic Qur’an they would have said, "Why is it that its messages have not been spelled out clearly? Why – a foreign tongue and an Arab?” Say, "It is a guide and a healing to those who believe. But for those who disbelieve (Arabs or non-Arabs), there is a deafness in their ears, and it is blindness in their eyes (it remains obscure to them). They are as if being called from too far away. [26:200]

Imam Maalik's MUWATTA might or might not have been tampered with. For details, please see DUAL ISLAM by Shabbir.

Excuse the long but still incomplete answer:


- “Imam” Waqidi claimed: Imam Maalik alone, transcribed 100,000 Ahadith. He learned from 900 teachers and by age 17 he was able to teach classes of Hadith. When the authenticity of MUWATTA (title of his compilation) was questioned, he suggested throwing it in water; if the water did not damage the writing, then that was to be taken as proof of its accuracy.

Muwatta was immersed in water and it remained unscathed. How much more gullible could one get?! (In fact, this frank forgery needs no comment. – Sheikh Abdul Muhsin bin Mullah Ali Al-Qari, “Musaffa”, Shah Waliullah’s commentary on Muwatta)

Imam Maalik bin Anas (b.93, d.179 AH = 796 CE) initially had over 10,000 Ahadith in his Muwatta. When he reviewed them, he found 8,780 of them doubtful and so kept only 1,720. [Didn’t he do the water test on it and pass with flying colors?] He doesn’t tell us what criterion he used to discard such a sizeable body of Ahadith. (Muwatta, Matba' Mujtabai pg 31, 1345 AH) Yet, we find such irrationalities in the Muwatta:

- “One who kisses or even touches his wife must perform Wudhu (ablution).”
But, on the same page, “Hazrat Ayesha said that Rasooullah kissed one of his wives and then performed NAMAZ without doing Wudhu.”

- BE PREPARED FOR THIS ONE! Abu Salma bin Abdur Rahman bin ‘Auf says: I asked Ayesha, “When does a bath become obligatory?” She replied, “When the head of the male organ enters the initial part of the vagina and the Khattan (genital tip) meets with the Khattan (genital tip), bath becomes obligatory.” (Pg 16, also reported in Bukhari)

What! Could not Abu Salma ask his SAHABI father, or any of the hundreds of companions of the Prophet (S)? Why would he go to the honored lady and how did he escape her fury? Would Hazrat Ayesha be so shamelessly explicit?

But, deny this Hadith in front of a Mullah-minded Muslim and get ready for a verdict of infidelity. The rule of the game is, “Deny a single Hadith from Bukhari or Muslim and become a Kaafir.” What a horrendous crime! Let Islam be strangled to death, the exalted Prophet and his wife be defamed, let people laugh and cry for Islam, but the Mullah will defend the criminal Muhadditheen at all cost except that you give him a feast of the white rooster and halwa.

While the Muhadditheen were forgers as well as mental slaves of the narrators, and our Mullahs are emotional slaves of both, fortunately, more and more Muslims are now paying attention to what has been said, rather than who said it. The time has come for us to liberate the True Islam from underneath tons of stinking garbage of fabricated Hadith.

Remember, all this nonsense is the treasure of our Mullahs that they peddle as DEEN. And the masses fall for it like the proverbial flies on filth.

- Saheeh Muslim vol 1 pg 485, Mujtabai Printer bears out Muwatta: Rasoolullah said, “If a man loses his lust during intercourse before ejaculation, he only needs to wash his private parts and do Wudhu.” Wow! What a precious bit of religious knowledge! Did the greatest ever revolutionary, busy as he was, the exalted Prophet, have the tendency and time for such silly gossip? Was he raising humanity to the yet unknown heights or burying them in vain thought and behavior?

The Night of Majesty: What does the Qur’an say?
97:1 Behold, We have revealed it (the Qur’an) in the Night of Majesty.
97:2 Ah, what will enlighten you what it is, the Night of Majesty!
97:5 Peace! It is a Message of Peace, and inevitably it shall dawn a new Morning of Enlightenment.

But Muwatta on page 98 brings down the glorious concept to dust:
- “Look for Laila-tul-Qadr during the final ten days of Ramadhan, 21st, 23rd and 25th nights.” Now the Mullahs and their victims stay up during these nights (and also the odd nights of the 27th and 29th Ramadhan) and make fool of others in the morning, “Wow! What glory we witnessed last night, light upon light, trees falling prostrate, golden clouds hovering upon us, the blessed, cool silvery winds!” They also claim that every prayer on this night is guaranteed acceptance. (Yet, they keep living in misery and greed day after day!)

The sleeping masses believe them and repent what spectacle they missed! They don’t even venture to think why the wide awake security personnel, railway and airport employees, sailors and pilots, and the soldiers vigilant in their positions consistently fail to see this marvel! Perhaps, the marvels are visible only to the saintly Mullahs, for they have some exclusive rights.

- Hazrat Umar said, “If people would not blame me for adding to the Qur’an, I would have added, ‘If a mature man and a mature woman commit adultery, both of them must be stoned to death.’ We used to recite this verse in the Qur’an.” (Muwatta pg 348)

What happened to the Divine promise?

15:9 Behold! It is We Ourselves Who sent down this Reminder, and verily, it is We Who shall truly guard it. (6:116)

- But “Imam” Bukhari later on comes forward to rescue “Imam” Maalik’s mischief:
Umar bin Khattab said, “Allah sent Muhammad (S) and revealed unto him the Book in which there was the Ayah Rajm (verse for stoning the mature adulterers).”

What a malicious assault on Allah, the Qur’an, the Prophet (S) and his companions! Killing four birds with one stone!

- Hazrat Umar said, “Refrain from eating meat. It can be as addictive as alcohol.” (Muwatta 359) Could Hazrat Umar forbid the Permissible of the Qur’an?

The Muhadditheen evidently had a special grudge against Hazraat Umar and Ayesha for political reasons and for promoting a certain sect.

[I suspect they might have tampered with Muwatta as well. Please recall that the ‘canonized’ SAHAH SITTAH, the so-called Six Right Ones of Hadith all come from the Persian “Imams” Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daud, Nisaai, Ibn Majah and Tirmizi. “Imam” Maalik is the most ancient Muhaddith, but he being the only Arab Hadith collector of note, his Muwatta is not included in the Right Ones. Strange, isn’t it?]

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