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Re: President Obama @ the University of Maryland
Date: Tuesday, 22 September 2009, 5:55 pm

Every society can be equally guilty of shedding its manners, orderliness and even humanity, when given the chance. For all its organization and discipline, New York City witnessed unprecedented incidents of looting, vandalism, and arson during the blackout of 1977. The disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina resulted in similar chaos in New Orleans. The British, even more than the Americans, are known for their discipline and order, but we all know the fracas caused by stadium stampedes and hooliganism among soccer fans. Where do the fabled organization and discipline go away then?

In contrast, the Mumbai floods of 2005 witnessed never before seen acts of heroism and community spirit among the residents of Mumbai (millions of them Muslims), and in fact, the catastrophe is now recognized as a catalyst for unity and solidarity in a city married by divisions of race, language, religion and caste.

I am not trying to defend the Muslim society. I believe and acknowledge that our society, more than any other, is in dire need of drastic improvement (see the stampedes that occur almost every other year at Makkah). However, we can only improve, as Zubair said, by upholding the Qur’an’s code of conduct. Trying to ape the US (or the West) as a shining example of discipline is futile though, as it has been proven many times over that this is not the case.


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