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Neutering cats
Date: Monday, 14 September 2009, 11:22 am

I normally avoid “Islam Q&A sessions” on TV for obvious reasons. However, today morning, one such Geo TV show was on at the restaurant where I was having Suhoor, so I couldn’t help but listen in as a concerned lady called up to enquire from “Maulana Saheb” if Islam allowed the neutering cats. (In between the overzealous host quipped, “Why do you need it to get neutered, sister?” The poor lady’s embarrassment could be heard loud and clear over the phone, as she haplessly groped for words and tried to best explain the reason! Even some of the Mullahs sitting around me chuckled!).

There was however now fumbling on the part of “Maulana Saheb”, as he very calmly replied, “Sister, the neutering of Haraam animals is not allowed because it is oppression on them. However, according to the Ulama, the castration of Halaal animals is allowed as it is increases the taste of their meat.”

Um, say again?

When will these “Maulanas” and their gullible listeners realize the Qur’an’s essence? The Book, while clearly providing pointed and definitive guidelines on some issues, leaves enough room for people to keep up with the changing times and realities. Nonetheless, we see people going to such Maulvis for every little issue or question that they have. The Maulvis definitely don’t mind, as they have been plying the same trade for 1200 years, and it keeps their cheques coming in. However, what stigmatizes so many millions to think that it won’t be enough to simply open the Qur’an and look for pointers? Why only go to the Maulvi in the manner of a little child running to his mother for each and every need? And then get an answer as laughable as the one above?


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Neutering cats
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