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By:Javaid Pirzada
Date: Saturday, 12 September 2009, 7:49 pm
In Response To: MISYAR (MUT'AH) IN ARABIA (Mona Mir )

As a normal trend, I have seen that whenever a new idea or concept is introduced, majority of us being biased or prejudiced one way or the other, at once start criticizing, condemning or straightaway dump/reject that new concept on the basis of our prevailing social, cultural, or religious laws and standards.

We must remember that in this world CHANGE is an essential on-going natural process. If we do not move along to stay with the changing conditions we would either drown or get stuck somewhere, making everything stagnant around us.

However, we cannot judge, accept, or adopt any new idea or concept blindly as well, without proper analysis on the basis of its need or effect over significant majority of the population.

That is how a democratic system works where the elected members from varying factions discuss, argue, and ponder upon all the aspects of a new proposal and make necessary laws to implement it.

Therefore, on the latest concept of marriage (Misyar) in Saudi Arabia, I suggest that let us post our views/opinions on a Forum and see the outcome of such effort. While doing so please remember not to cause insult, embarrassment, or resentment towards any of the participants.

Let me be the First to initiate.

In my opinion, a Marriage is an agreement (verbal or written) between any two genders, including latest addition of the third gender who are neither complete Males nor complete Females, for as long as they mutually decide to live together, or prefer occasional meetings while staying separately. The most important condition, however, should be that such agreement must be based on the mutual consent over all the related terms with sufficient details before commencing the formal relationship.

Many of us would like to differ, and that is understandable too, but then whatever the majority of an elected body decides should be acceptable to all, unless at some other time another majority decides to go against it by either amending, or totally abolishing it.


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