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Re: 19 - sorry not this rubbish
Date: Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 1:47 pm
In Response To: Re: 19 - sorry not this rubbish (Jawaid Ahmed)

It is also necessary to note that apart from all the drivel he spewed forth, Rashad Khalifa was also an immoral offender, having being charged with assault on a minor girl in 1979. He had faced trial and meekly pleaded “No Contest”. The Submitters’ apologetic defense proclaims that “his accusation came in the middle of his most active period of his life trying to derail him but he was smarter and did not allow the case to drag on, and distract him from his religious activities, and his message (as his enemies were hoping). He ended this accusation in the fastest way possible in the usa court system, to plead no-contest to close it and go back to his business. no contest is not an admission of guilt but permission for the court to finish the case faster in a matter agreeable to all parties”

However, Bouvier's Law Dictionary defines “No Contest” as "A plea sometimes accepted in criminal cases . . . whereby the defendant does not directly admit himself to be guilty, but tacitly admits it by throwing himself on the mercy of the court."

Thus, Khalifa’s corrupt mentality was proven to everyone. His personal life was even shadier than his understanding of Islam. Chosen people of God, may they be messengers, reformers, or leaders, are never criminal offenders.

Interestingly, much more meritorious than Rashad was his son Sam, the “Egyptian Jackie Robinson”, who played baseball for some seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates.


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